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Facebook Dating has been one of the best things that have happened in the life of a lot of Singles on Facebook. Ever since Facebook launched the feature on their platform, a lot of people have been hopping in and out of the platform. Now, if you want to access some interesting features of the platform, you can check out all the Facebook dating services free for users. This article would not just be giving you details of Facebook dating alone, but more of its amazing offers.

Facebook Dating Services Free for Users

What is Facebook Dating? Before we get to more details on the dating services, let me tell you more details on Facebook. Facebook dating is a Feature created to help all users of Facebook find a date. This feature is one of the biggest things that have happened on Facebook, and currently, a lot of users are tripping into to the platform just to be matched with someone. Facebook even stated that millions of matches have been made just within the short period of it launch, and more are still being made every day.

Facebook Dating Services Free for Users

The Facebook dating services are free for all users, and if you wish to create your dating profile you would be doing that for no price. Most of the services offered by Facebook are free except for their ads which are really great for any budget. The Dating feature is now one of the big boys in dating apps. A lot of reviews compare it to other top dating platforms, and that was proven by the features it holds. If you want to access more interesting details and features of the platform, I have got you covered.

Facebook Dating Features

The features of the dating platform are some of the best that you would find. It was created to work more like the dating app called Hinge, but Facebook dating brings more. The fact that Facebook dating is inside a social media platform gave it more edge than other dating sites. With that stated, you would find some of these features on the dating app.

  • Facebook dating lets you add up to 9 different photos to your dating profile
  • Users get to decide if they want to share their location
  • The platform has a secret crush feature that lets users match with their Facebook Friends on the dating app. This is because you do not get to match with any friend that is on your Facebook account unless they are on your secret crush list.
  • The dating app lets you add your Instagram post to your dating profile
  • Very soon, Facebook promised to include Instagram and Facebook stories to the platform.

These are just the first few incredible features of the app, there are more to the free services Facebook dating offers to all it users.

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