Facebook Dating Guide Free – Facebook Dating App | Dating in Facebook is Free

Speaking of Facebook Dating Guide Free, Facebook is one really great platform that never ceases to amaze its users with new features. Among these new features, there’s Facebook Dating.

Facebook Dating Guide Free

Online dating is something individuals use these days to find love and Facebook users are provided with that option too. With the Dating feature placed separately, you would find love in no time. Using the feature is free and simple, but you need to have a profile on FB. Also, a dating profile is required.

Facebook Dating Guide Free

Facebook Dating is simply a digital product or service on Facebook. It allows users to find love. Users can make use of filters for results based on the number of children, location, age, religion, or height. It also matches you with others within a 100 km range. You can find love on the app through what you love and people who like what you like that would be matched with you.

Yes, Facebook Dating is within the platform but doesn’t make use of the same profile. You are to create a separate dating profile. Messaging is done separately too. The dating profile and conversations won’t be shared with others outside the dating service. And everything you need to start is already provided on the dating app.

Facebook Dating App

The app like said earlier is not a standalone app on its own. That is to say, you don’t need to download or install another app. Your activities and conversations are done using the app. The Facebook dating app is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices. Users won’t be able to access Dating on their computers. The app is not yet made available worldwide, just in time locations. But Facebook tea is working hard on making it global.

Facebook Dating Profile 2021

To use Facebook Dating, you need to create a dating profile that is simple and free. Start by updating your Facebook app to the latest version. Facebook Dating would appear on your News Feed tabs, represented with a “Heart” icon. Tap on the icon to opt in and create a profile.

Fill in some personal details about yourself such as religion, height, job title, education, etc. Includes photos and a profile picture. You would be asked to include your gender and the gender of people you want to be matched with. After filling out the form, tap on “Create Profile”.

You would be matched with others. If you find a person you are interested in, there’s no swiping motion involved, just comment on the person’s profile (dating). You can pass if you are not interested.

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