Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline – How Do I Access My Facebook Timeline

The Cover photo is like your website header — one you can easily switch out whenever you like. You can use personal photos, something great from your graphic designer, arty shots of your fleet of Lamborghinis … whatever strikes your fancy. Here are some great examples of how people have had fun with their Cover images. Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline.

Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline

Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline

Be creative, and remember you can rotate these photos based on your mood or things happening in your life. You can use any photo as your Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline Cover, just hover over the lower right side to change it. If you want to design something unique, the dimensions are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high, and remember to leave a good spot in the lower-left corner where your profile picture will go.

Facebook Timeline Features

The timeline is organized by a vertical line stretching down the center of the page.  Dots along this line show your activity in descending chronological order, while the entries themselves are shown in boxes to either side.  Posting about an upcoming gathering on one day and then posting pictures from that gathering the following day would result in two Timeline boxes and two dots, with the picture dot located closer to the top of the page.

Timeline reorganizes all stored user information for display, rather than archival. In previous Facebook incarnations, it was more difficult or impossible to view outdated events, photos, and comments. Initially, Timeline was optional, but in February 2012, Facebook began rolling out the change to all users. As with all Facebook changes, Timeline raised user privacy concerns, but Facebook claims the Timeline implementation does not affect privacy settings and that users maintain control over who sees their updates, photos, and other entries.

How Do I Access My Facebook Timeline

The Timeline keeps all of your activity, updates, photos, and content in one place, much like a life journal. It’s more visual, and you can post a large, long picture as decoration at the top of your page, in addition to the default profile picture of you that shows up next to everything you post. The Timeline also allows you to go back in time to before Facebook, and add events and activities that took place before you started your account.

With the standard of Facebook privacy settings, your Friends will be able to visit your Timeline and see any information that’s been added to it by you. Keep this in mind when accepting invitations from friends, since an easy way to manage privacy is to be selective in accepting and inviting friends.

That way only people you know will be able to see your Timeline. If you posted a status update that was public, then anyone who visits your Timeline will be able to view that update and any other public updates you have made on Facebook. Your Likes are also visible on your Timeline since Likes are used in advertising and are considered public information on Facebook. It’s possible to hide your Likes on your Timeline using your privacy options.


Your Timeline goes back to the day you joined Facebook, even if you signed up before 2011.  To show what you did before Timeline, it combines the things you posted with the notes other people wrote on your home page. The timeline also includes integration with Timeline Apps, which allows Facebook users to post activities on other apps.

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