Facebook Dating Free App 2021: Facebook Dating Profile | Facebook Dating Near Me

Speaking of the Facebook Dating Free App 2021, Before you can make use of the Facebook dating app then you must be a Facebook user and also up to the age. You must be 18 years and above, only then can you make use of the Facebook dating app feature. If you are below this age then you cannot date or make use of the dating app on Facebook.

Facebook Dating Free App 2021

Also, you need a Facebook Dating profile, without the Facebook dating profile you have no access to the Facebook dating app or platform. What is the Facebook dating profile?

Facebook Dating Free App 2021

The Facebook dating profile is a profile you must create when you want to date or use the Facebook dating app. Without the Facebook dating profile, you cannot make use of the Facebook dating app, it allows you to access it.

Facebook Dating Profile

Just the way the Facebook account allows you to access Facebook, but you should take note that the Facebook account is different from the Facebook dating profile. But you need a Facebook account to create a dating account, this account does not concern the Facebook account. Any activity you do here cannot reflect in your Facebook account, it is safe.

Facebook Dating Near Me

To begin dating on Facebook, simply open that app. Once done, sign in to your account or create a new one. Now, tap on the hamburger menu icon and then on the Dating icon.

When you click the dating icon then you will be directed to a new page, this page will demand a profile. This profile is known as the dating profile. Without it then you cannot access the Facebook dating app. So, you must create a dating profile to date online.

But you must know that this profile is different from your normal Facebook account, but you need a Facebook account to create. The profile is a unique profile on its own, that is why anything been done on a Facebook dating app does not display on your Facebook account. It is been kept safe and secure except you want to share it.


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