Facebook Dating App Name – Facebook Dating App Profile | Online Dating on Facebook App

With millions of singles all over the globe searching for love, the question, what is Facebook dating app name keeps popping up online. This is because singles all over are trying to get themselves on any platform that would offer them a chance at love and Facebook seems to be one of such platforms.

Facebook Dating App Name

Finding the right partner that you can build a meaningful relationship with, can be a frustrating task at some point because it’s either you guys don’t just see eye to eye, or you don’t just connect with each other.

Facebook Dating App Name

But knowing that Facebook actually matches you with people you share the same interests with, has made many singles grab the opportunity of being on the platform with both hands, because being a match with someone who shares the same interests with you, would actually lessen the whole dating process for you.

Facebook Dating App Profile

After downloading and installing the app if the dating feature is rolled out in your country, you can access the feature to create a profile.

To set up a profile:

  • Tap open Facebook application
  • Click on the menu icon from the top of the Facebook platform for Android operations or the bottom of the Facebook app for iOS operations.
  • Tap on the Dating or Love icon from the menu option
  • Log in using your profile name and your password
  • Hit on the menu icon from the top of the Facebook app.
  • Then click on Dating or the Love icon from the menu options.
  • You will be asked to create your dating profile, which is quite separate from your normal Facebook profile.
  • Enter the information needed.
  • You will be prompted to add a minimum of about 9 photos. Add questions that other users can answer.
  • There, your Facebook Dating profile is created.

I hope you have gotten clarification on the difference between the Facebook official app and the Facebook dating app name. For now, there are one and the same, until Facebook decides to roll out a different app for the dating platform.

Online Dating on Facebook App

Facebook actually has a Dating platform that matches Facebook users together according to their shared interests. Once you can access this platform, and create a profile, Facebook would allow you to list an average of nine people that you fancy and would love to be matched with. This is to enable Facebook to know what your preferences are in terms of relationships. After that, Facebook matches you using the ‘Secret Crush’ feature.


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