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Facebook Dating App Is Here – Are you on single relationship status and want to upgrade? That’s why the Facebook dating app is here now to improve your relationship status. So, no more using your Facebook account to sign up for other dating platforms instead on your Facebook account page, you can locate the Facebook dating feature on the Facebook menu.

Facebook Dating App Is Here

Facebook Dating App Is Here

The Facebook dating app is here to linger in expectation of getting each one their loved ones respectively. Although the Facebook app is not available in any mobile store but integrated into the Facebook main app. This is so awesome as you can easily swap between the two platforms and despite its integration; it still works more like an independent app.

Facebook Dating App Is Here or Not

Do you still doubt its existence? Like wondering if the Facebook dating app is here or not. I think you should put that thought behind you or don’t know that the Facebook dating app has been launched September in the year 2019 which is about 2 years past. Although the Facebook dating app feature has not yet being made available in every country worldwide but has gone as far as reaching more than 50 countries.

Of these countries, the USA, Singapore, Canada, Denmark, The Philippines, the UK, and a lot of others are eligible for this feature. So, if you haven’t perceived the Facebook dating app feature on your Facebook page, then it’s quite certain that it’s not available in your country. So, you can just be a little patient forasmuch as it’s here therefore it’s coming.

Facebook Dating App Feature

The tech genius has been well prepared for this before its launching. A few great things were mentioned during an announcement made about the feature. So, it has been long anticipated for and now that the Facebook dating app is here. There are lots of experiences to feel. The Facebook dating app has exceptional features which are incomparable to other dating platforms.

Unlike other dating platforms which are quite difficult like pulling your teeth in terms of creating a quality profile. Facebook dating is so different as it is so easy to build. Besides, it’s an integrated app. So you don’t need to worry to download it from mobile stores like other standalone applications. All you have to do is to log in to your main Facebook account which will give you access to the Facebook dating feature.

Based on the fact that it’s from Facebook. You can link your Instagram and other Facebook services to it as it offers an easy connection. In spite of the fact that it’s integrated into the main Facebook account. It doesn’t give it any access to your dating profile account as everything being done on the dating platform including your profile details is kept private.

The Facebook dating platform is so private that even your friends on your man Facebook account won’t get to know that you’re on the platform. This sounds like a great advantage for those who want their relationship to be hidden. Moreover, Facebook assigns potential matches to users based on their profile details.


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