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Facebook Dating App is Free for UsersFacebook dating is one of many amazing platforms that has been made available for users on Facebook who are looking to meet new people with similar interests and go into a relationship with time.

Facebook Dating App is Free for Users

So if you are single, making use of Facebook, and are interested in an online relationship, Facebook dating is an amazing feature that you can maximize. You can read ahead in this article to know more about the Facebook dating feature.

Facebook Dating App is Free for Users

The Facebook dating app is actually not an app on its own. This is due to the fact that it is integrated into the original Facebook App. So with this, it is very important for you to download the Facebook app into your device. And also open a Facebook account if you are yet to do so. The Facebook dating app is free for users but this is the only way you can have access to and begin to enjoy the platform.

Downloading Facebook Dating App and opening Facebook Account

As mentioned above, you cannot gain access to Facebook dating if the Facebook app is not downloaded on your device. And your Facebook account has not been opened because the Facebook dating platform can only be accessed on the Facebook app through your personal Facebook account. If you are interested in finding a relationship on Facebook dating but you don’t the Facebook app downloaded. And installed on your device and you also don’t have an active Facebook account yet. You can go through the simple and easy steps below to

  • The first thing to do for the download of your Facebook app is to go to the google play store if you are making use of an Android, if you are making use of an iPhone, go to the Apple store
  • On the search bar, type “Facebook app” and the results will be displayed.
  • Next, tap the download button and the download will start and finish within few seconds
  • Click ‘install’ and it will be installed into your device, click sign-up and you can follow the directions given to complete registration.

Alternatively, to register your Facebook account, you can then follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that your device is connected to an active internet source.
  • Next, go to the Facebook website by typing facebook.com on your preferred browser.
  • Hit the sign-up button and you will be given directions to another page.
  • On the page, type in all the necessary details about yourself.
  • Next, after you have done that, click on the sign-up button the second time.
  • Now, the next step is the verification of your Facebook account with the confirmation codes that will be forwarded to the number you have registered with Facebook.
  • Type in this code or digits in the necessary place and click on verify or confirm.

By following the steps above, your Facebook account will be successfully created and saved. Then you can go ahead and access the Facebook dating platform if you are located in a country where it has been made available.


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