Appbucks – Earn Online Money for PC

What are Appbucks you may ask? If you have been wondering what it’s all about with this app whether it is a scam or legitimate, how it works, and how you can earn from it. This article is going to give you all that and you will know all you want about this app.


Appbucks claims to be a free and real online money-making apps that allows you to make real money and get paid.


Appbucks is a money-making app. It gives you a ten-dollar bonus when you register. I500 points bonus for new users. There is a 100 bonus point for both new users and existing users with a daily check-in bonus. Also, Appbucks are free, better and a real online money app. You will get paid through PayPal, Paytm and they support Google gift cards too.

Appbucks is one of those money-making apps that have above 4.5 ratings but the question is should you trust apps that have good ratings. Well, the answer is no. you should not trust an app because it has a good rating. Always read the users’ reviews because that is the only way to know if the app is worth downloading and using.

Ways to Earn in Appbucks

Want to earn using Appbucks here is how.

  • Daily check-in. by visiting the app daily.
  • App downloads offer.
  • Refer and earn. Invite your friends to join the app.
  • Share and earn. Share the app to social media so others can join in.

And using these ways you can earn using Appbucks.

How it works

With the Appbucks app and participating in the app is your sure deal of earning more and extra points which you can redeem for cash and get paid. You get to earn extra bonus points by checking in, completing offers, notifications, or by playing swipe pages, referring others, sharing the app, and much more. Appbucks has rules and procedures which you have to follow in order to keep the account in good standing and to earn extra more points.

The app is free to download in the Google play store and other related app stores online. After you have downloaded and install the app you will sign up for free by entering your details after you have been given a referral code. This code is what you will use to invite others to the app and thereby increasing your earnings.

Is Appbucks Legit

This is the most important thing to know before downloading the app. Like I said before you should read user reviews. But even user reviews can also be fake. Appbucks is luring high ratings and positive reviews by offering five dollars. To be able to withdraw money from this app you will need fifty dollars and thousands of points. This will be very hard to accomplish so, you may not even be able to withdraw the money which in itself is a waste of time if the app is a scam or not it is up to you to decide that.


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