Facebook Dating App Download Free – Dating On Facebook In 2021 | Facebook Dating Home 2021

Hey there! Have you used Facebook as a Dating Site? Yeah, you heard that right. Just like some other social media sites, you can now use Facebook as a dating site. There is no doubt when people communicate with others online, feelings are developed and they begin to say how they feel.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

For such people, the social media platform has been designed and new features added just so they could date. Most people can’t deny it, when they use the social media platform; they’ve either received or sent a message to other users that they want some form of relationship. After all, looking for new friends and exploring is why some people joined the amazing social media platform.

Facebook as a Dating Site

Now, there are several ways to date on the social media platform. You can date using its groups, pages, or the dating feature. Using Facebook for dating is free and all users are free to make use of the feature. For as long as anyone can remember, the Facebook platform has been a place where everyone right from college students to divorcees can meet ad make friends. However, as fate would have it, users began to share their romantic interests. All you need to access or use the platform for dating is the platform’s official website or app.

Facebook Dating App

Downloading the Facebook dating app is free. Now, most people do not know but the Facebook dating app is the same as the platform official app. To download the platform dating app, you just have to download and install the platform’s official app.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

Below is a guide to successfully download and install the Facebook official app on your device.

  • Get your mobile device and open any app store installed.
  • Tap on the search bar of the app store and search for “Facebook”.
  • You should be taken to the app download page. If you are not taken to the app download page, then tap on the Facebook app.
  • Tap on the “Install” or “Get” button on the app download page.

Simply follow all the onscreen instructions given to you afterward to complete the download and installation process of the app.

Facebook Dating Site

Quite a number of people already know that there is no separate website created by the creators of Facebook specially meant for dating. Rather, it is the Facebook official app you can make use of for dating. To access the Facebook dating site, use the web address www.facebook.com. It is free accessing and making use of this site.

Facebook Dating Feature

In order to make use of the dating feature, users must be eighteen (18) years or older. These users can be able to create a dating profile and find potential matches. Making use of the dating feature is free and it looks promising for users looking for meaningful long-term relationships rather than just hookups. Right now, some of the platform users already see it as a match to some specific dating apps like Tinder or Bumble.

How to Access Facebook Dating

The guide below will teach you how to access and make use of the Facebook dating feature.

  • Open the Facebook official app on your device or open the Facebook website.
  • Sign in to your account using the account login form.
  • Go to your profile page or timeline and tap on the heart icon there.
  • Begin setting your dating profile by providing all the information required.

Once you have created your dating profile, you can begin getting potential matches. This dating profile will not be shown to other regular Facebook users who are not the main use of the dating feature. This is to protect the privacy of the users of the dating feature.


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