Facebook Call to Action – How to Add a Call to Action Button to your Facebook Page

You have heard this word Facebook Call to Action (CTA) many times in the digital marketing world. As the name suggests, a Facebook Call to Action button helps directs advertisers to take action on their posts. The button highlights a text or phrase in a post so that the user can take action on it such as “Shop now” or “Sign up”. And it is usually in the form of a hyperlink or a button.

Facebook Call to Action

Whatever your target may be towards advertising and marketing, it wouldn’t be reached or complete without a proper and attractive Facebook Call to Action. As there is an essential need for these buttons or hyperlinks to drive the audience to take action on your advertised post.

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Facebook Call to Action

Facebook advertisers give in a lot of time, effort, and money into the creation of social media posts, ads, blogs, and emails to convince the audience towards what they are displaying. Yet these posts are incomplete until the attention of people is driven towards taking an action on it. The major use and aim of the Facebook Call to Action feature are to convince other Facebook audience enough about what to do and what you inspire them to do.

Many people know how to convince others by telling them what to do, but they cannot explain why. And without this part, the conversation is incomplete. In some cases, your content may answer the question, but we will add a Facebook call to action to generate an ultimate conclusion to take action, and this makes Facebook CALL TO ACTION more important.

Tips for Creating a Call to Action

Call to Action ought, to begin with, a strong action verb. Does this mean Facebook users set for this are required to tell his/her audience what to do? If the user has an e-commerce business and wants this action to sell his/her products, then Call to Action should begin with words such as Shop, Order, Buy, etc.

  • Using action and impacting words on the Call to Action option saves strength in giving the full details of your advertised product and helps the audience in understanding the emotional response.
  • It is good to highlight tips on Call to Action via choosing splendid colors. This helps your audience to understand what your Call to Action is for better. In this process, the usage of colors on Call to Action proves essential to generating more audience.
  • Users ought to keep their Call to Action in an original state. For this, the user should keep checking on the created Call to Action continuously to know what will work best in his/her favor.

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How to Add a Call to Action button to my Facebook Page

As said earlier, to add a Call to Action button to your Facebook Page, you are required to be an admin of the Page, editor, moderator, or an advertiser. Follow the guided steps below to add a Call to Action button:

  • Launch the Facebook webpage or the mobile application.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account using your username number, or mail and your password.
  • On the Facebook webpage, click on Pages in the left menu from the News Feed.
  • On the mobile app, tap on the menu icon (three grid lines) from the bottom right section. Then tap on Pages.
  • Go to your Page you want to add this option button.
  • Select the + Add a Button below the Page’s cover photo.
  • Then select a button from the dropdown menu to follow the guided on-screen instructions.
  • And click Save.
  • After the button has been created, then you can test the button.
  • Click on the button.
  • And select the Test Button.

These steps as given above will aid Facebook advertisers and bloggers get to a successful Call to Action service usage on the Facebook app. So, ensure you get to read the tips on using this action before trying it out.

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