Facebook Book Club: Tips to help you Start your Book Group

Wondering if Facebook book club is real, well yes facebook has a book club. With millions of new books being published every year, finding great sources of book reviews and reading recommendations can be overwhelming.

Facebook Book Club

And while Instagram and Twitter both offer a plethora of great reading materials, Facebook is still where I go to find interesting and new literary ideas, including book recommendations. Whatever your feelings about Facebook, it’s hard to argue it’s as stimulating at least in the same way as a good book.

Even Mark Zuckerberg might not disagree, apparently, seeing as he’s set a challenge for himself: read a new book every other week through 2015.

Facebook Book Club

One of the reasons Mark Zuckerberg approves of the Facebook book club is partial because he loves to read books and believes others should too. These were his exact words, I’m excited about my reading challenge. I’ve found reading books very intellectually fulfilling.

Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today. I’m looking forward to shifting more of my media diet towards reading books. And, refreshingly, that’s about it. Zuckerberg likes books; you might like books.

Perhaps everyone can read some books together. Zuckerberg created a group, simply called “A Year of Books” for anyone hoping to follow along and blasted it out to his 30 million followers. Click here for more details.

Tips to help you Start your Book Group

Here are some helpful tips if you’d like to get your book group started:

  • Set up the Group someone will need to be the admin and create the group. Within Facebook, you’ll find Groups as an option in your menu and can click on “Create a Group.” Follow Facebook’s prompts and choose a name. You’ll need to add at least 1 friend but I’d suggest doing just one (use your spouse, best friend or teenager and just let them know you’re testing) so you can get a feel for how to set things up. It keeps the whole group from getting a bunch of alerts while you’re building the page.
  • Make it Secret If you want to make sure that your whole Facebook feed doesn’t hear your gushing about your love of Mr. Darcy, set the privacy of the group to secret. It keeps posts to only those invited and makes it more secure, especially if you’re putting times and addresses for meetings on the page. There is also a Closed Group option that keeps the posts safe but the group is searchable and members are visible. I prefer Secret Groups for more privacy.
  • Design the Page Facebook will prompt you to upload a cover photo group. I love using Canva to create pretty graphics that make it look like I’m a designer, but really it takes me 10 minutes to choose a stock photo and add one of their pre-designed text elements. Totally not a requirement. You can grab a photo off of your computer and call it a day. On the right, you’ll have the option to put in some description of the group and also add more invitees once you’ve got the page set up the way you want. You can get more details here.

Facebook is a good place to go find interesting and new literary ideas, including books recommendations. You can get more details about the Facebook book club here.

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