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A”Facebook Avatar App Link” It’s no doubt that most people are still unaware of the Facebook avatar app that was added to the platform. However, being unaware doesn’t mean you are backward, you’re not. And that’s why I sharing this article to tell you more about the avatar app on the platform.

Facebook Avatar App Link - Facebook Avatar

It is simple to use for all, but it is not accessible to all, because currently, the Facebook avatar app is just in a few locations or countries.

Facebook avatar was added to the platform early this year, and still, the addition, better and exciting interactions have been taking place on the platform. Want to know more? Then read on to find out more.

Facebook Avatar App Link

Facebook Avatar App gives users the chance of making a cartoon version of themselves to use. That is to say, you can customize your avatar on Facebook however you want. When creating your avatar, Facebook uses your face.

Once the avatar is created, it can be used for making comments, send as stickers, post as status, and can also be used as your profile.

Millions of Facebook users are already making use of the feature. I am sure you must have come across some sort of doppelganger flooding your feed. Well, that’s the avatar feature and trust me it is really simple to create.

If you have been trying to create your own, but have no idea how to do that, then you should worry no more.

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Facebook Avatar App

Facebook avatar feature was released or rolled out rather early this year for users across iOS and Android devices. It is a cartoon version of yourself that you get to create, edit, and customize by yourself. So that means, you can add whatever you want to add to the avatar.

Currently, the feature is available to some countries, however, the team is still working on making it global. That way, all billions of users can make use of the feature for free.

Facebook Avatar 2020

With the release of the avatar feature, lots of users are making more fun and entertaining interactions. Why? Well, your avatar can be used for making comments, use as a profile picture can be for texting and other fun activities you could think of.

When I say Facebook avatar 2020, it simply becomes the feature that was released for smartphones such as iOS and Android devices.

As long as the feature is available to you, you access it. Have in mind that, you need to be using the updated version of Facebook on your smartphone. It is accessible on the web.

Now, with all that said, I believe you eager to make your avatar. I mean, who would want to miss out on some great opportunity of having better and fun ways to interact on the platform? So, let’s head on to create your very own cartoon version.


As I mentioned earlier, creating a Facebook avatar is simple and fast to all. All you need is a compatible smartphone (iOS or Android) and then follow the instructions below;

  • Launch the Facebook official app, make sure it is updated.
  • Then sign in to your account using email or number and password.
  • Tap on your account menu icon at the bottom.
  • Then, tap on “See More” because the avatar feature won’t be on the first page.
  • Select “Avatar” and tap next.
  • Choose your skin tone and start customizing your avatar.
  • Select hairstyle, hair color, complexion, face shape, beauty marks (face lines), and others. Then choose your body type, outfit, and add accessories if you want.
  • Tap “Done” and then “Finish”.
  • Tap Next and then done again to commence.

That’s how you create your avatar.

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