Facebook and Facebook Lite: Difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite

Facebook and Facebook lite is what we are dwelling on in this article. Facebook and Facebook Lite are two different apps. Why there are two separate apps? What’s the difference between FB and FB Lite? The blog post takes a look at both and covers FB vs. FB Lite (2021).

Facebook and Facebook Lite

FB takes a lot more space than the lite version, and it offers over 20 features (more than FB Lite). For people with a limited data plan or has an old phone, FB Lite would suit them better. The common pre-installed app on many devices, the FB app has been here for a long time.

Also, the app is considered to be one of the most downloaded on the planet. The fast and responsive app sometimes does not work fine on some devices.

Facebook and Facebook Lite

Still confused about the FB and FB lite, well the FB Lite app is a light version of the FB app. First released in 2015, the app offers all the basic features while occupying less storage and using fewer resources. The app is designed for excuses, such as not enough storage or slow connections.

It also supports more OS versions than the original Facebook app. The main difference between FB and FB Lite comes from the number of features. FB Lite offers the basic functionalities, but in total, more than ten features are not available.


Now, FB is one of the most popular social networking websites that allow users to connect with friends and family online from virtually anywhere in the world. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, FB is probably the world’s largest community where people from all over the world post, comment, and share their most loved memories in the form of pictures or videos.

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is basically a trimmed version of the original FB app specially designed for low-spec phones and unstable internet connections. At just over 1 MB, FB Lite is an exceptionally lightweight app that delivers a low-bandwidth experience but still feels pretty much like the standard Facebook but without the additional bells and whistles.

This small version of the FB app not only consumes less RAM and CPU power but also saves a great deal of space on your phone while working just fine in 2G conditions. You can get more details here.

Difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite

  • Basics; FB Lite is a stripped version of the main FB app that uses a sophisticated combination of a lightweight app on the phone, which is one-hundredth the size of the Facebook iOS app and which downloads in less than a minute or so, even on 2G/3G networks. The Lite delivers a low-bandwidth experience that still feels very much like Facebook and does almost everything the main FB does. FB Lite is a mere 1 MB and works fine on slow internet speed but still very optimized for a smooth social networking experience.
  • Resources Usage; Facebook Lite is the cut-down version of the main Facebook app optimized for speed and specially designed to use a few system resources as possible. The Lite uses less RAM and CPU power while being almost equally useful. You can do all the basic stuff with the Lite, such as update status, post photos and videos, comment, read status updates, write on peoples’ walls, and more. It efficiently does all that without consuming more data. And it does that by not downloading high-resolution images or auto-playing videos but still performs as well as the main app. you can get more of the differences here.

In a nutshell, Facebook Lite is specially designed for low-spec phones and low-speed connections, but offers almost everything that the standard Facebook offers, but with fewer bells and whistles. You can get more details about Facebook and Facebook here.

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