Facebook Advertising Platform – Stand Out With Your Social Ads

If you are a business owner on the internet today and searching for a good platform to advertise your products or goods, try the Facebook advertising platform. It is the best site to use to make your adverts.

Facebook Advertising Platform

There are Billions of active users on Facebook so advertising on Facebook. The service helps you reach out to the ideal audience or client for the brand or product. If you wish to learn more, read on to find out more.

Facebook Advertising Platform

The Facebook advertising platform is the best today to use, there are different Ad objectives you can choose from. A low budget to help you start and many ads formats to select from to create the advert. Using the Facebook platform for advertising might be a bit tough but it works wonders like magic. They are very relevant for people on the platform and it is so easy to create when you have the right objective and goal. With Facebook advertising, you pay only to reach the potential customers of the products. In this article, we will be walking through the important things you need to know about Facebook advertising.

Types of Ads Format

There are different ad formats you can choose on Facebook to make your advert. Here are some of the Ad formats you find on Facebook;

Video Ads

This format is used to show the product in action or you can also make use of an inspirational video for the advert.

Photo Ads

They are simple but also effective. It is a great way to start with Facebook advertising; it can easily be created with just a click.

Slideshow Ads

This form of ad offers the users an easy means to create short video ads from a photos collection or by using an existing clip. When created with the right images, have a very eye-catching motion like the video ads. It allows the adding of text and music.

Carousel Ads

It makes use of images or videos up to 10 to showcase the product or goods. It can be used to highlight the benefits of a product.

Collection Ads

They are made available for only mobile devices to let you showcase the products that the audience or customers can click to purchase.

Lead Ads

They are also designed for mobiles only because they are specifically created to make it easy for the audience to give out their contact information without much typing.

Dynamic Ads

This ad format helps you to promote a targeted product to the customers who are more interested in the products.

Messenger Ads

You can make use of photo, carousel, video and dynamic ads to set up to appear Messenger Ad.

Facebook Advertising – How to Advertise on Facebook

With the ads, you create you can actually reach out to lots of potential clients for your brand or product. Advertising is a way of telling your audience about the product you have. To create your advert on Facebook, log in to your Business Manager, hit on Campaigns button. Then hit “Create” to get started with the new Facebook Campaign. To create your Facebook Ad, follow the guides below;

  • Start by selecting the objective for the Ads campaign.
  • Give a campaign name.
  • Set up an Ad account if you do not have or skip this if you have.
  • Target the Audience you want to reach with the Ad campaign.
  • Select Campaign placements.
  • Set up the budget you want for the ad and the Schedule.
  • Create the Ad with any of the ad formats you want to use.

The ad would be under review by Facebook to make sure it doesn’t go against the policies. After it has been reviewed, it would be made to live for others to see.


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