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Wondering if the Facebook advert is a great opportunity to announce and promote your business. Well, the answer is yes. Audience targeting is where Facebook advertising can become truly powerful and significant. Facebook Advertising is now one of the most effective tools out there to grow your business, create loyal customers, and generate leads and sales.

Facebook Advert

There are now over 3 million businesses advertising on Facebook and there’s never been a better time to start than now. Facebook now boasts over 1.13 billion daily active users on – 1.03 billion of which access the social network via mobile devices. And besides, people spend a lot of time on social networks.

Facebook Advert

For you to commence the Facebook advert is quite easy, but only if you know how to. With the number of users on Facebook the platform spells out the huge potential for marketers, and Facebook has emerged as one of the best advertising platforms for both B2B and B2C businesses.

There’s a lot that has to come together to make a Facebook ad successful—you need the right targeting, a great image or video, and compelling copy. There are tons of users on Facebook, but sending an ad out into the void doesn’t result in tons of conversions. The key to Facebook’s advertising is targeting. Facebook has the best ad targeting of any site.

How to Set Up a Facebook Ads Campaign

Below are the guidelines to follow in setting up a Facebook ads campaign;

  • Step 1; set some goals for your Facebook Ads. Before you jump in and create any adverts, it’s important to first think about why you’re advertising and what you’re aiming to achieve. By setting yourself a few goals ahead of going live with ads, you also have something to measure your success against.
  • Step 2; head over to the Facebook Ads manager. All of Facebook’s ad campaigns run through the Facebook Ads Managertool, which you can access via a direct link at facebook.com/ads, or by clicking “Manage Ads” in the drop-down menu on your Facebook account, or by clicking any of the CTAs on your Facebook Page.
  • Step 3; choose your objective. When you click to create a Facebook Ad, you’ll go to a page where you choose the objective for your campaign. There are 15 options for what you might want to achieve. With Facebook, you have many different ways of approaching an ad campaign.

More on How to Set Up a Facebook Ads Campaign

  • Step 4: Define your audience and budget. This step is extremely crucial for the success of your Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Step 5: Create your advert. This is where it gets really fun! It’s now time to choose the images (or video), headline, body text, and where your ad will be displayed on Facebook. For the text, you get 90 characters to share a quick message that will appear above your image(s) or video.
  • Step 6: Choose your ad placements. Advert placement defines where your advert is shown and with Facebook Ads, you’re able to choose which locations your advert will appear in. Adverts may appear in Facebook’s mobile News Feed, desktop News Feed, and right column. You may also create ads to appear on Instagram.
  • Step 7: Place your order. Now, your advert is ready to go. To submit your ad click the “Place Order” button at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Once your ad is submitted, it’ll be reviewed by Facebook before it’s put live (you’ll receive a confirmation email from Facebook once the ad is live).you can get more details on the steps here.

To round it all up, anyone can fuel their business growth with Facebook ads, as long as they’re willing to learn the basics. You can get more details on the Facebook advert here.


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