Facebook Ads Tutorial 2021 – Facebook Ads Manager Guide – Facebook Ads Creation for Beginners

If you are a business person on Facebook who is looking for a way to advertise or reach out to its consumers online. I have good news for you, Facebook Ads Tutorial 2021. What do you think these ads do on Facebook. This is a tool that helps you market and advertises your business right on the Facebook platform and before you can run this tool you must set up your ad first.

Facebook Ads Tutorial

The name Ads stands for something, do you know what that is “Advertising” that is the meaning of Ads. And when it comes to Facebook, it is one of the best platforms where you can tell people all over the world about the things you do like your business.

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2021

Facebook ads in simple terms paying for promotions and product offers in the news feed of a specific, targeted audience on Facebook. The ads tutorial is simply telling you and me the procedure on how to build up your Facebook Ads. With over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, it is imperative that every business owner on Facebook wants to attract a meaningful customer base which will ultimately bring in a lot of money takes time and go through Facebook ads tutorial. With Facebook Ads, you can drive lots of consumers to your page and to your business as large.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can bring you so much profit once you know how to do it right. Owing to the size of Facebook daily users of having billions of access to the site every day, these billions of people see ads on their platform each month. Thus you will be having your ads seen by billions who stay up to an hour every day on the site which can literally translate into profits for your business.

Facebook ads, also give smaller companies a competitive advantage, if properly managed. It enables you to get access to a great number of people for an average fee. It gives a unique opportunity for marketers to augment their organic efforts.

Facebook Ads Manager

The Ads manager you see here is talking about the Ads setup. The manager is where you can set up an ad for your business or page. Know that setting up Facebook ads goes along with a page, that is to tell you that if you don’t have a page you will not be able to set up the Ads.

Building up Great Ads & Audiences

Here are some steps on how to run great ads and audiences which will help you to increase the effectiveness of your ads and budget. With this, you will be tapping into the right audience with the right ad at the right time.

Facebook Ads Creation for Beginners

Facebook ads can be created using Facebook’s ads manager. First of all log into your Facebook account and then over to the ads page. You will find it by clicking on the “Create” button and then tap on “Add”.

It will take you to the Ads page and immediately you log into Facebook’s Ads Manager, you’ll see a performance dashboard where all of your campaigns, ad sets, and ads will be listed with the results they have driven for your Facebook page. If you have not created an ad for your Facebook page already, this dashboard will be empty.

If you want to create a new campaign, ad set, or ad via Facebook Ad Manager, scroll over to the type of ad you want to create and tap the green “Create” tab to the far left of these ad types.

Select an Objective

Before you start, Ads Manager will prompt you to choose an objective for your campaign. You have 11 different objectives to choose from. By choosing one of these objectives, you’ll be giving Facebook a better idea of what your preferences are, so they can present you with the best-suited adoptions. These adoptions include:

  • Brand awareness.
  • Reach.
  • Website traffic.
  • Engagement.
  • App installsVideo views.
  • Lead generation.
  • Messages.
  • Conversions.
  • Catalog sales.
  • Store traffic.

these are the list of objectives when creating or setting up Facebook ads for your business or for advertising.

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2021 – Choose Your Audience

The next thing to do is to configure your target audience. This can be done for each ad set that belongs to the same campaign. If it is your first time using paid advertising on Facebook, you’ll likely have to experiment with various targeting options until you reach your ideal audience.

To narrow down your focus, Facebook’s targeting criteria are accompanied by an audience definition gauge. A gauge is a tool, situated to the right of the audience targeting fields, and it takes all of your selected properties into consideration in order to present a potential reach number.

Here is a list of Facebook’s built-in targeting options:

  • Age.
  • Behaviors.
  • Connections.
  • Ethnic Affinity.
  • Education.
  • Financial.
  • Gender.
  • Generations.
  • Relationship.
  • Languages.
  • Life Events.
  • Location.
  • Home.
  • Interests.
  • Parents.
  • Politics (U.S.).
  • Work.

Facebook also gives the option of selecting a Custom Audience, which enables you to target people on Facebook who are in your company’s contact database, visited a page on your website that has a tracking pixel, or use your app or game.

Immediately you land on a group that responds well to your ads, Facebook enables you to save these audiences so you can use them again later.

Set Your Budget

You can either set a daily budget or a lifetime budget. Daily budget: With the daily budget, Facebook will pace your spending per day. The minimum daily budget for an ad set is $1.00 USD and must be at least 2X your CPC.

Lifetime budget: This option applies if you want to run your ad for a specified length of time, select a lifetime budget. What this means, is that Facebook will pace your spending over the time period you set for the ad to run. To specify your budgeting further, go to the advanced options. With this section, you can specify a few things.


Here you decide whether or not you want your campaign to run immediately and continuously or if you want to customize the start and end dates. You are also at liberty to set parameters to enable your ads to run during specific hours and days of the week.

Optimization & Pricing

Decide if you want to bid for your objective, clicks, or impressions. By this, you’ll pay for your ad to be shown to people within your target audience that are more likely to complete your desired action, but Facebook controls what your maximum bid is.

If you do not want Facebook to set optimal bids for you, you can choose manual bidding. This option will award you full control over how much you’re willing to pay per action completed.


Delivery comes under two categories: standard and accelerated. The standard version shows your ads throughout the day, while accelerating, on the other hand, helps you reach an audience quickly for time-sensitive ads.

Create Your Ad

How your ad comes out, is a result of your objective. If you want to increase the number of clicks to your website, Facebook’s Ad Manager will suggest the Clicks to Website adoptions. This adoption comes in two formats: Links and Carousels.

What this means, is that you can either display a single image ad (Links) or a multi-image ad (Carousel) with three to five scrolling images at no additional cost.

After you have decided between the two, you’ll need to upload your creative assets. Once your ads start running, pay attention to how they’re doing. To see their results, check-in two places: the Facebook Ad Manager and your marketing software.

How to Run Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads Tutorial 2021

On Facebook, you would come across a variety of paid ad options and placements, which can be broken down into three elements:

  • Campaigns: A campaign houses all of your assets.
  • Ad sets: Ad sets come in handy when you are targeting separate audiences with different characteristics, where you need an ad set for each.
  • Ads: Ads live within your ad sets, and each ad set can hold a variety of ads that vary in color, copy, images, etc.

With this list, you can easily run your personal business ads on Facebook without searching or asking someone to do it for you.



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