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Love is a beautiful thing and can be found in the most unexpected places like Dating Site on Facebook Application 2021. This site is already brimming with love chasers. And you don’t have to be an exception because there is a place for you here. If you wish to end your love quest, then this is one site I will recommend for you.

With the Dating site, you can actually take your Facebook activity a notch higher. By engaging with people you get matched with on the dating site, privately but via the same Facebook page. There is more for you to know about this Dating site on the Facebook application.

Dating Site on Facebook Application

Dating Site on Facebook Application 2021

Facebook actually increased our love for its platform, when it announced that it was rolling out a dating feature. And a site where those who are looking for love can connect and meet their significant other. True to its promises, the site has been nothing but amazing. With users finding love and getting hooked to the love of their life.

After you have created a profile, Facebook uses your interests to match you with people who have interests in the same thing as you. With this, Facebook eliminates the odds of you getting mixed up with people with who you have nothing in common with. This makes your search easier and shorter. Knowing that someone actually has the same interests in the same things as you do. It helps you get more relaxed and helps save you from unnecessary explanations.

What is Dating Site on Facebook Application?

The Dating feature is one that has been designed and rolled out by Facebook recently to help singles find their better half, be it for fun, friendship, or even marriage. The application can be accessed through a Facebook user account (i.e. a user’s normal Facebook page). Now even though the Dating site is accessed through your normal Facebook page, the profiles are quite different.

This is a measure by Facebook to protect user’s privacy and to keep them only around people they want to be around them. Thus Facebook will not suggest your Facebook friends as a match unless you added them as a secret crush on your list. This implies that your Facebook audiences are quite different from your Dating audience, with this, whatever happens on your dating site, stays on your dating site.

How Does Facebook Match on the Dating Site?

Unlike other sites that are known to use the swiping feature in matching users, Facebook uses the ‘Secret Crush’ feature to match users. When you are setting up your dating profile, Facebook gives you the leverage of adding up to nine people to your list. If you add any of them as your secret crush, and the said person you added also adds you as a secret crush, Facebook will notify both of you that you have an admirer. However, if only one party adds the other as a secret crush,  and the other party does not have the other as their secret crush option, Facebook will not notify the other party that he/she has been added as a secret crush.

Now, this site also gives you the option of either rejecting or accepting who you are matched with, thus no one is forced down your throat. If you like the person you get matched with, you can simply get their attention to start a conversation by, liking, or commenting on their post or profile. If on the other hand, you do not fancy the person, you also have the option of ignoring and moving on to the one you fancy.

What are the Criteria for Dating Site on Facebook Application 2021?

The Facebook dating site has its own fair share of eligibility requirements and there are not that difficult. Here there are:

  • Those who intend to use the site must be at least 18 and above.
  • Must have an active account to be able to use the dating feature.
  • You cannot use your Facebook profile for your dating profile. Simply put, you must create a separate dating profile account that is different from your normal account.

The above list is required of you to get access and operate on the Dating site on the Facebook application.

Accessing Facebook Dating

For now, the dating feature has not been rolled out to all countries. So if you try accessing it and you can’t find the feature, then it means it’s not yet available in your region. You may also need to update your Facebook app. Because if your app is obsolete, you may not be able to access the feature.

  • Just click open the Facebook application on your device (iOS or Android device).
  • Scroll to the create account form, and fill out your first name and surname, and choose ‘Next’.
  • Provide your birthday using the options offered.
  • Type in your number and email to sign up.
  • State your gender and set a password
  • Thereafter click on the ‘Sign Up’ link to have your account created.

After you are done creating an account, you will have to verify your account. You can use the code or email that would be sent to you by Facebook.

To verify:

  • Sign in to your account by typing in your number or email and password
  • Tick on the ‘login’ option.

After your account has been successfully created; your profile would get displayed on your smartphone immediately. From there you can access the dating feature.

Creating a Profile on Dating on Facebook App

Make use of these simple steps, to create your Dating profile:

  • First, start by getting your Facebook app updated to the latest version.
  • Facebook Dating will be displayed on your News Feed tabs represented with a ‘Heart’ icon.
  • Tick on the icon, in order to gain access to the site, and create a profile.
  • Provide your personal information like religion, height, job title, education, etc.
  • Then, upload your photo and profile picture
  • Facebook will ask you to include your gender.
  • After you are through with filling out the form, click on ‘Create Profile’, to have your profile created.
  • Then, Facebook will match you with those you are interested in.

Finally, you can now get matched with single ladies around you. You can also be matched base on your common interests.

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