Facebook Ad Library: Facebook Ad Library Report | How To Use Facebook Ad Library

What do you know about the Facebook ad library? Previously I have written about this Facebook feature. Yes, it is a Facebook feature and if you have been following me on my work, then you should have come across it. But if on the other hand, you are coming across this feature of Facebook, it is not too late for you. The Facebook ad library is one of the features that is very popular. The feature however is as important as most features on the platform it’s just that it’s not as popular and well known as other Facebook features.

Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library

The ad library on Facebook is a transparency platform. This platform is made for providing information of ads across Facebook apps and services. With this platform in place, Facebook has made advertising on its platform transparent. People or Facebook users can now access more pieces of information about the ads they see. What does the ad library on Facebook contain or what does it do? This platform as explained already contains all the active ads that are running across all of Facebook products.

One main feature that has made Facebook one of the best social media platforms in the world is transparency. Transparency in the sense that they always keep users on the know of what they are up to. According to the social media platform, transparency is a top priority as it helps to prevent a lot of things including interference in elections. With the latter being said the ads library on Facebook offers users additional information about ads on social issues, politics or elections, spend, reach and funding entitles. These types of ads are always visible on the platform whether they are active or inactive on Facebook. And guess what? They will be stored in the ads library for seven years. Wow, talk about transparency!

What The Facebook Ad Library Is And Contains

I have already made a mention of a few things that are contained on the ad library, but there are is actually more to this platform. This Facebook feature is available to everyone. This simply means that anyone can view and also search for ads in the ad library. But there is a restriction to this. For ads containing certain types of content such as alcohol or gambling. Facebook won’t show the ad creative to underage people or those who aren’t logged into Facebook.

The contents of the ads library on Facebook also are searchable. People can search for any term, name, or page on this Facebook platform. Searches on this platform that are common include the names of organizations and names of public figures. Also, organizations that pay for ads about certain vices such as politics, elections, social issues, or a specific advertiser and page. Whenever a person searches for a term on this page. Ads containing the search term may appear but as ads run by pages that include the term. Here is something you should also know about searching for ads on this platform. Ads that are not about social issues, politics, or elections can only be discoverable via visiting a page in the ad library and therefore will not be available in search results. Ads on this platform are also informative.

This platform contains what is known as multiple trackers and this is including house, presidential, and senate trackers made available in the United States. A custom tracker is also made available globally. There is also the ad library report that provides rich data on advertisers spending, geographical spending, and many more. On the ad library homepage, there is a status bar that keeps users informed of issues that happens within the ad library.


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