European Commission Access City Award 2024 (a cash prize of €350,000) – APPLY NOW

ACall for Applications has been announced for the Access City Award competition 2023! The European Commission Access City Award is an annual competition that recognizes and promotes cities that are dedicated to improving accessibility and inclusivity for people with disabilities. The award is open to all municipalities in the European Union, and the winner is announced each year.

European Commission Access City Award

This  European prize honors cities that have done remarkable work to make themselves more accessible to people with disabilities. The European Commission, in collaboration with the European Disability Forum, organizes the 2024 Access City Award.

This edition will honor cities whose work on accessibility is consistent with the objectives of the New European Bauhaus which are sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusiveness. Let’s briefly talk about the organization behind this opportunity.

About European Commission

The European Commission (EC), along with the European Council, form the executive of the European Union (EU). It is a cabinet administration with 27 members of the Commission (directorial system, colloquially known as “Commissioners”) led by a President. It has an administrative body of around 32,000 European civil servants. The Commission is divided into Directorates-General (DGs), which are similar to departments or ministries and are each led by a Director-General who reports to a Commissioner.

European Commission Access City Award – Summary

  • Program: European Commission Access City Award
  • Organization: European Commission
  • Award: €350,000
  • Eligible Country: Europeans
  • Application Deadline: September 18, 2023


The following are some of the competition’s awards:

  1. Prize
  • First place prize: €150 000
  • Second place prize: €120 000
  • Third place prize: €80 000
  1. It provides access to European recognition and  a chance to review the current situation of your City
  2. It enables you to share your experiences with other European cities, assisting you in becoming an even better City to live and visit.
  3. Special award: The European Commission also aims to offer a ‘New European Bauhaus’ special mention this year to a city whose work on accessibility is consistent with the New European Bauhaus objectives of sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusiveness.

Eligibility Criteria

This Award is Open to:

  • All EU cities with over 50,000 inhabitants
  • Download the most recent Access City Award Rules of Contest because the Rules of Contest must be followed in order for candidate cities to submit eligible applications.
  • If there are EU countries where there are not many cities with significant population size (over 50,000 inhabitants), then urban areas consisting of multiple towns can be categorized as key urban areas if their combined population exceeds 50,000 inhabitants.

Selection Criteria

The jury will look at actions made and planned in the following areas:

  • The physical surroundings and communal areas
  • Transportation systems and associated infrastructure
  • Communication and information, including advancements in technology
  • Public amenities and services

How to Apply For The Competition

Application Deadline

September 18, 2023.

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