Epic Appeals Court’s Ruling in Its Case with Apple

Epic appeals court’s ruling in its case with apple – On Friday, the court ruled that epic should pay damages to apple in their ongoing case. The games company, epic has filed an appeal to a ruling in its lawsuit against Apple on Friday. The company is now calling on a higher court to reexamine the said case and overturn the ruling of the judge.

Epic Appeals Court’s Ruling in Its Case with Apple

Epic Appeals Court’s Ruling in Its Case with Apple

The document used to file an appeal reads “notice is hereby given that epic games, Inc.….appeals to the United States court of appeals for the ninth circuit from the final judgment entered on September 10, 2021.” At the moment only a few details are known about the legal basis for the appeal by epic. But however, it is likely to continue to press on the federal antitrust allegations that are dismissed by the court.

During the trial, Games Company, Epic, reported that Apple had a monopoly based on how it requires developers to make use of its payments systems for in-game purchases. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez however ruled that epic games pay damages to apple for violating its rules regarding its in-app purchasing system on Friday. On the other hand, the judge also undid apples restrictive rules on making customers alternate payment systems.

What the Judge Had To Say

Notably on Friday during the ruling, the judge found that Epic failed to make a case for Apple as a monopoly in the mobile gaming business, something that she found was the base market for the claims of the company. Judge Rodgers said in a statement “the evidence does suggest that Apple is near the precipice of substantial market power, or monopoly power, with its considerable market share.”  She continued to say the epic failed in its lawsuit filed because the company failed to focus on the topic at hand.


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