Emergence Gameplay Trailer Shows off Apex Legend Big Changes – World’s Edge Map New Points of Interest

Emergence Gameplay Trailer Shows off Apex Legend Big Changes. Just as respawn teased over the weekend, today would be the first gameplay trailer for Apex Legends: Emergence dropped. While the launch trailer for the emergence season that was released last week brought us to the Seer, the Season’s new legend so happens to show us Seer and everybody that is in action.

Emergence Gameplay Trailer Shows off Apex Legend Big Changes

This Apex Legends gameplay trailer is a mix generally of in-game cinematics and gameplay aside from being straightforward gameplay. But we would still get a few good looks in this one.

Emergence Gameplay Trailer Shows off Apex Legend Big Changes

To add to showing off this incredible Seer in action, The Emergence gameplay trailer also shows off the revamped world’s Edge map. Just as it turns out, major changes happen to be entering World’s End in the Emergence Season, as the map now happens to be scarred with lava-filled fractures all thanks to the aggressive resource mining and harvesting.

World’s Edge Map New Points of Interest

The cataclysm has brought about the creation of new points of interest on the world’s Edge map. To begin with, the sorting Factory has been swallowed by a Lava-filled sinkhole, being about the new lava Siphon POI.

In a blog post on Apex legends website, Respawn also stated that the refinery has been replaced by a much larger structure that is called the Climatizer and that happens to be a lava-filled fissure runs that came from the Climatizer to fragment East. The two Lave Siphon and the Climatizer would be offered a ridable gondola, too, so we should expect lots of interesting fights to play out on those.

Apex Legend Seer’s Kits and Capabilities

While the trailer does offer us a really great look at Seer in battle, we would still be unsure of what he is capable of doing exactly. Respawn has not been stated on his kit yet. So his flashy combat in the trailer doesn’t have much context until that actually happens. The trailer also comes with a look at the Rampage LMG, an interesting new gun that is debuting in the Emergence Season.

At the tail end of the trailers, we would even get to take a glimpse at some of the battle pass rewards for the amazing new season. To be more specific on Seer, the Rampage LMG, and the emergence battle pass are likely to get revealed in the days to come. So we would allow you to know when Respawn shares more details.


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