Email Automation Software: Choosing the Best eMail Automation Software for your Business

One of the best tools you can have as an online entrepreneur is email automation software. It is a very useful tool that delivers a lot and saves you a lot of stress and effort while achieving quality results.

In this article, we will be throwing more light into email automation software, its importance, and some of the best software for email automation.

Email Automation Software

Email automation is the ability to send emails with relevant information triggered by time or action from subscribers. This Email automation software takes away the stress of having to manually send clients emails at different points in time.

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This automation software makes email marketing more relevant, efficient, and personalized.

Email Automation Software | Choosing the Best eMail Automation Software for your Business

Before going to choose an email automation software, it is important to put some certain factors in check such as knowing the level of automation you’ll be needing, and then the budget factor.

Below are some of the best automation software for small to medium scale business:


This software is most especially used for powerful tagging, CRM integration, and lead scoring. If your goal is to be running targeted, one-to-one campaigns to your contacts, then, ActiveCampaign is the best choice to go for.


Go for this software if you’re looking for advanced list management. This is another well-built automation software that offers advanced options such as segmentation., data updates, triggered campaigns as well as tagging.

GetResponse also offers a pro plan where you can also get access to a CRM.


This software itself can be described as the ‘eCommerce CRM’. This powerful automation software is well known for intuitive and flexible workflows.

Drip offers integrations with some of the biggest online store names such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc. this software enables you to send targeted emails at every point of your subscriber or customer’s journey.

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This was originally a transactional email service but has gradually evolved to a full-fledged newsletter tool for offering advanced marketing automation at a reasonably affordable price.

When it comes to affordable automation, Sendinblue is the software you should have a hard time forgetting. The software even comes with a free plan that gives users access to its automation, enabling them to send up to 300 emails in one day.


Just like HubSpot, FreshWorks can be described as an all-in-one sales and marketing platform. They basically offer three different plans namely: Customer-For-Life, Sales Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

Each of these plans listed offers various features that are very well related to automation such as segmentation and automation workflows.

This software also comes with advanced CRM features, and for the price of $29/month, you get 1000 contacts, 5 active marketing journeys, 20 workflows, and other advanced CRM features such as sales sequence and custom reports.

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