Apps To Synchronize Facebook Picture With Your Contacts: Contact Sync for Facebook (CoSy)

Speaking of Apps To Synchronize Facebook Picture With Your Contacts, a while ago, there have been a decent number of apps that might sync your friend’s Facebook photos to your contacts on Android.

Then, Facebook changed what quantity access apps could Facebook profiles, which caused many of those apps to prevent working.

Apps To Synchronize Facebook Picture With Your Contacts

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Apps To Synchronize Facebook Picture With Your Contacts

These days, there are only a few apps that have found how to continue syncing Facebook photos along with your Android contacts.

Here is a list of some of the best apps’ users can access to sync their Facebook picture with contact:


If you would like a “set and forget” thanks to syncing your contacts between Facebook and Android, look no further. Sync.ME. fixing the sync is easy. Users are to access the settings, then the account section, and fix Sync.ME to your Facebook account.

Once you’ve verified your account, Sync.ME will automatically update your contacts’ photos. Counting on the timeframe listed within the settings.

Sync.ME will then display all the accounts you’ve attached. Once you’ve connected and selected your Facebook account, tap the sync button. The app will try and sync everyone’s Facebook photos to your contacts.

Once it finishes syncing your contacts to their respective accounts, Sync.ME will show you all the proposed matches it made. This is done to notify users where they will be able to double-check that the app found the right people.

The app will show you a listing of contacts that it struggled to assign profiles to.

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Contact Sync for Facebook (CoSy)

There was once a useful app called CoSy that synced your Facebook images along with your Android contacts. However, after Facebook clamped down on how apps can use its API, CoSy clean up.

Thankfully, it’s risen again with a brand-new way of importing contact photos. At the time of writing, CoSy continues to be under development, so it’s still a touch buggy.

Despite this, when it works, it does an amazing job of matching your contacts up to their Facebook pictures.

To sync your contacts, you initially log in to Facebook via the app. CoSy will then bear all of your Facebook friends and import them into the app. Once it finishes, it’ll then scan your Android contacts and try and pair them up with the imported list of Facebook friends.

CoSy then gives each pairing a confidence rating. The best part is, once the initial linking finishes, the app will be left alone to sync by itself.

You will be able to tell the app to sync after a group number of hours, days, or weeks. And set the time for the sync to occur.

Apps To Synchronize Facebook Picture With Your Contacts – ContactSyncDuck

The ContactSyncDuck platform could be a compelling case because its major flaw is also a major boon for a few. Unfortunately, ContactSyncDuck has no way of finding your contact’s Facebook page by itself.

Users are required to point the app to every person’s profile by writing their Facebook ID in their contact details. After commanding ContactSyncDuck to sync up the photos, it goes through your contact lists. Picks out the contacts with Facebook IDs, and syncs their picture.

When you initiate a sync, the app visits each contact’s page grabs their profile picture and saves it to your phone. It’s similar to asking a lover to go to each of your friend’s pages and grab the image. Except it won’t complain nearly the maximum amount.

This makes it the simplest app to sync Facebook photos along with your contacts if you’re concerned about privacy. ContactSyncDuck maybe a focused tool, meaning it’s light on additional features.


There are more you can get from the net. You just have to enter the word “Apps to sync Facebook picture with contact”. And you will be shown more others.

But I will urge you to access either of these listed above, as its link is provided. And they serve well based on what it is meant for. If you desire a Facebook photo contact sync, then the above listed is your solution.

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