Easy Way to Make Money as a Student

If you are looking for how to make money as a student, this article has got you covered. There are various ways you can make money both offline and online without affecting your studies. Make Money as a Student

While there are thousands of opportunities for you to earn extra money, you should be guided on the idea to focus your time on. This article will give you a list of ideas you can use to make money online and from home as a student. So, keep on reading.

Make Money as a Student

Schooling can be quite expensive considering the cost of tuition, learning materials, and lots more. However, this should be a burden for you as there are various ideas you can leverage to earn income. You don’t need to get a part-time job as these ideas have eliminated the excuse of “No Time”. Read on to learn more about this.

Easy Way to Make Money as a Student

If you are a college or university student, you may want to earn money for tuition, learning materials, and other expenses. You may also be looking for extra cash to spend during the weekend. If you are looking for how to make money online as a student, you may want to go through the ideas discussed below.

Self-Publish Books

This is one of the best ways to make money online as a student. You carry out research on a topic and write a book on it. With Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon, you can publish your book. Fortunately, anyone can publish a book on Amazon for free and make money from it.

Although Amazon collects a commission for each copy of the book you sell, you get the larger percentage. While you create a book, ensure it is valuable. It is also advisable you create non-fictional books. Also, design a good cover for the book to make it more attractive. You can sell this book for years. Thus, generating passive income from it.

Sell Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where people get and offer services known as gigs. You can offer services on this platform such as writing, translating, social media posting, teaching music, graphic designing, and lots more.

The least price for offering services on this platform is $5. There are also a lot of people making money by selling gigs on this website. Another advantage is that it is convenient and flexible.

Sell Second Hand Textbooks

Another way you can make money as a student is by selling your old textbooks. There’s no doubt that you have old textbooks lying around. You can sell these books by advertising them on campus.

Also, you can list them on websites like Amazon.com and We Buy Books. This will generate income especially if you sell them when there are new intake of students. You can also choose to sell your CD’s, and video games.

Review Music for Money

This idea is mostly for lovers of music. As a student, you can monetize your passion for music into money by reviewing music.  Although, it may not generate much income if you are consistent with it, you can earn some money from it. Some websites where you can review music and earn money include Slicethepie, MusicXray etc.


If you love teaching, you can take up a tutoring job both offline and online. If you have knowledge in a particular field, you can use it to your advantage to earn money. If you want to tutor online, you can advertise on campus and teach other students and even your classmates.

You can also visit local schools to inquire if you can become a tutor. Also, you can make use of websites that connects students with online tutors.

Sell Domain Names

Another way you can make money as a student is by buying domain names and selling them at a price. A domain name is simply the address of a website. You can list these domain names on websites like Sedo.com. Premium domains are more profitable.

Sell Pictures

If you are creative and good at photography, you can try uploading your pictures to websites that accept stock images. When you upload your images to stock image websites, you get paid when somebody uses it. You can upload your images on websites like Adobe Stock, Getty Images, and lots more.

Create and Sell an App

If you have knowledge of programming, you can create an Android or Apple app and sell it on the application store. You need to find a problem and create an app that will solve this problem. Also, you can find an app that is not doing well on the play store, work on it and create a better version of it.

Rent Your Property

If you have some items in your garage that are no longer in use, you can take them out and rent them out. You can rent your property on websites like Rentything or Zilok. Also, you can choose to rent out an extra space that is no longer in use. Renting your driveway, and clothes is also profitable.

Complete Online Surveys

Another way you can earn money as a student is by carrying out online surveys. When you complete these surveys, you will get rewards. Some websites where you can carry out online surveys include Survey junkie, Swagbucks surveys, Pinecone, Branded surveys, etc. You can also participate in market research and get paid.


What Can I do to Make Money as a Student?

To make money as a student, you can sell your books online, sell your notes, tutor, open a YouTube channel, go on mystery shopping, and lots more.

How Can I make money as a student?

As a student, you can make money by being a virtual assistant, babysitting, pet and house sitting, selling of study material, and a lot more.  

Online ideas for college student

As a college student, you can make money online via freelance writing, becoming a blogger e-book, selling handmade items online, selling your artwork, selling your invention or your idea, filling out surveys, and many more. you can also rent out old textbooks to others for a fixed price.

Can I sell photography online to make more income?

As a student one of the easiest ways to generate income is to sell photography online. as a student you can sell out photography to earn more income. Your photography must e something that can attract the attention of your audience.



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