Eastern Loan Reviews – Eastern Loans Reviews, Ratings, and Fees

Eastern Loan Reviews. Do you have bad credit and you are looking for a way to fund your account instantly. An online loan is quite the fastest way and having one such as an eastern loan which has lots of positive reviews, you have no other choice. To be eligible for the Eastern Loan, you just need to be a Canadian citizen at least 18 years of age who is under employment receiving an income of at least $1200.

Eastern Loan Reviews

So, what is an eastern loan? It is a Canadian online payday lender that grants fast and secured loans to its citizens. Since 2014 has the institution being in existence having over 80,000 customers. Based on eastern loan reviews, customers testify of getting approved for a loan within a matter of minutes and receiving the cash on that particular day. Besides, its interest rates are lower compared to other online payday lenders.

Eastern Loans Reviews, Ratings, and Fees

The Eastern Loans is real for sure and they are so fast when it comes down to payment. Based on reviews of the Canadian Eastern loan, once you apply for the service before 10:30 am, you are likely to get paid to your bank account before the next day.

Just be rest assured that your loan will get to you within 24 hours. Moreover, they permit you to pay it like an installment loan which can be done weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

It is rated 4/5 based on customers’ reviews. Although their maximum loan is small which is about $1000 and the minimum is $500. Moreover, they are available all around Canada working on a daily basis but have their specific business hours.

Their fees of surety; that is to say that you must have a guarantor on a legal ground that will promise to pay the money in case you fail to fulfill the obligation.

Eastern Loans Pros

Eastern loans have great positive attributes. This makes their customers entrust their services and have great confidence in them. Apart from the application being so quick and easy, their payment services are so fast as you could apply and get paid that same day; just in less than 24 hours. One thing is known for sure, you must be approved that same day.

Moreover, you have good selections for repayment. Like I said earlier, it’s like an installment loan. You can be paying for the loan weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly; it’s all based on your preference. Besides they work every day but with different working hours.

Their interest rate may be a bit high but it’s actually lower than other online payday lenders. Not to forget, you don’t need collateral.

Eastern Loans cons

Despite its fast application and quick payment, it still has its own negative features. To be sincere, the loan amount is poor. With a maximum amount which is $1000, it is quite a low sum. Moreover, they also have a surety fee which is actually undisclosed.

The quite few but customers have more complaints about the loan amount which falls within this range $500 – $1,000.


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