Easter 2021 Date: When is Easter 2021

What is Easter 2021 date? The date of Easter is not constant compared to Christmas because it always changes from year to year. This implies that if you don’t know the date ahead, the Easter holiday can meet you without a concrete plan of celebrating the holidays. So you have to make sure you are already prepared when the Easter holiday comes in this year 2021 In this article we will be telling you the time when Easter 2021 will be and also be provided with the easy process to know how to calculate Easter Sundays every year.

Easter 2021 Date

When is Easter 2021?

In this year 2021, Easter Sunday falls on Sunday, 4th of April which is just a week early compared to last year’s date which was the 12th of April, 2020. The Easter holiday can be on any date between the 22nd of March and the 25th of April. The day of Easter in the calendar depends on when the Spring Equinox falls.

How do we Calculate When Easter Will be?

The date of Easter is usually deduced from the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox in March. This is majorly because Easter has to be after the biblical festival of Passover, on the full moon which was when Jesus was crucified. This was said by Professor Sacha Stern, head of the Hebrew and Jewish Studies department at the University College London.

Why Does Easter Fall on a Different Date Each Year?

The major reason why Easter falls on a different date each year is that we now make use of the solar, Gregorian calendar instead of the lunar calendar. This implies that the full moon comes up on different dates each year, thereby changing the date for Easter each year.

Why do Different Churches Celebrate Easter on Different Days?

The reason why different churches do not celebrate Easter on the same days is mainly because of the fact that they make use of different calendars. For instance, the Eastern Churches (Greek and Slavic) and Oriental Churches (Syrian, Armenian, Coptic Egyptian, and Ethiopian) did not stop making use of the Julian Calendar. Which was named after Julius Caesar, even after Europe started making use of the Gregorian Calendar in the year 1582.

Public Holidays in Nigeria 2021

The list below will provide you with the information you need to know about all the Nigeria public holidays. These holidays will be celebrated in the year 2021 after the Easter holiday is observed in the month of April.

  1. January 1st (Friday) – New Year’s Day
  2. April 2nd (Friday) – Good Friday
  3. April 5th (Monday) – Easter Monday
  4. May 1 (Saturday) – Workers’ Day in Nigeria/Labour Day
  5. May 13th and 14th (Thursday and Friday) – Id el Fitri
  6. June 12th (Saturday) – Democracy Day
  7. July 20th and 21st (Tuesday and Wednesday) – Id el Kabir
  8. October 1st (Friday) – National Day or Independence Day
  9. October 18th (Monday) – Id el Maulud
  10. December 25 (Saturday) – Christmas Day
  11. December 26 (Sunday) – Boxing Day

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