E-Bike Motorcycle Concept from BMW Is Already a Reality

The E-bike motorcycle concept from BMW is already a reality. BMW’s e-bike concepts are motorcycles outside the city. Referred to as bicycles within, they are truly mesmerizing. The e-bike concept from BMW is a geofencing solution from the company. And rather than just being a concept it is already a reality.

E-Bike Motorcycle Concept from BMW Is Already a Reality

E-Bike Motorcycle Concept from BMW Is Already a Reality

The two concepts of e-bikes from BMW is a geofencing type of tech vision to limit speeds inside cities. Just recently, BMW showcased two e-bike concepts. Announcements of the tech were surrounded with claims that are easy to make when an item lives on paper and not actually on roads.

However, one of the ideas that caught my attention from the showcasing as a real solution and is the use of geofencing in limiting fast speeds of e-bikes in congested cities. And this is more convincing since BMW already has a working geo-fencing solution all around Europe.

Fast E-Bikes in the US and Europe

Known as speed-pedelecs in Europe or as class 3 e-bikes in the US, fast e-bikes are capable of going up to 45km/h (28mph) just as the newly unveiled BMWs concept such as the BMW i Vision AMBY and the BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY.  The “i vision” is a pedal-assisted e-bike that is fitted with a massive 2,000Wh fast-charging battery naturally for a range of 300km (186 miles).

The Motorrad version on the other hand will have a throttle and footrests just like a normal traditional motorbike. Both concepts would have three speeds that are moderated for different types of roads, 25km/h (15.5mph) on bike paths, 45km/h (28mph) on city roads, and 60km/h (37mph) on multi-lane roads beyond city limits. Also fitted within the bikes is a proximity radar signaling riders with a visual acoustic warning of a rear-approaching vehicle.

When Will BMW Launch Its E-Bikes

As for now, these bikes only exist as e-concepts. This means that they are only designs and ideas. But one thing that is interesting about this concept is the inclusion of speed enforcement by BMW using geofencing. E-bikes like the Stromer ST2 I are tagged unsafe on protected bike paths in most cities like Amsterdam and thereby forcing riders onto busy streets next to aggressive vehicles. And although S-pedelecs like the Stromer ST2 I is capable of moderating speeds to ordinary bicycles some chose not to. With geofencing, this problem could be solved.

When Will These E-Concepts Become Reality

Although just e-concepts, BMW has got everything to make this a reality. Already BMW has had a solution to this type of problem that it uses on its cars BMWs eDrive Zones communicates with its new plug-in hybrids to switch automatically the cars into an all-electric driving mode when they are venturing into parts of cities marked as low emission zones. This works in combination with geofencing tech found in BMWs GPS navigation system. Before rolling out to 80 major cities across Europe, it was first deployed in the four largest cities in the Netherlands.

With what I said in the previous paragraph, it is no wonder geofencing plays an important and central role in these AMBY concepts. Already BMW has got everything it needs to make this a reality. A solution like the one presented by geofencing would put fast e-bikes onto protected bike paths where they actually belong.

Also, the geofencing solution would help the adoption of S-pedelecs as better alternatives to cars for long journeys to and from the city. And also it would in turn help European cities achieve their long-term environmental goals that brought about the creation of the low emission zones in the first place.

Current laws on commuting do not account for sped modulations on light electric vehicles. And this is something BMW has recognized when they announced the e-concepts.


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