Dumpling – Start your Grocery Delivery Business today with Dumpling

Dumpling is a newcomer in the food delivery industry, Dumpling gives its workers flexibility and freedom, unlike most gig economy companies. It is more or less like Dumpling gives its workers ownership.


Dumpling links all its workers with all the needed resources for them to kick off their own shopping business. The major aim of Dumpling is free delivery. In this post, we shall be discussing Dumpling and the Dumpling shopper app.

How Dumpling Works

Firstly, though we have mentioned it earlier, it is imperative to say again, Dumpling gives its workers complete autonomy. And it also gives them other products and services like the dumpling credit card which shoppers could use to buy groceries before payment is made by the customer. Then the app will help in centralizing grocery deliveries and customer communication and there is also the worker support and mentorship forum.

As a worker on Dumpling, you can get customers from marketing and self-promotion when you deliver orders or on social media and other delivery apps.

The dumpling will give business owners 100% tips and also. It gives business owners the choice to pick what tip option will be displayed to customers and allows them to set a minimum default tip. Then there is the section for customers to drop comments and leave reviews.

How Dumpling Makes Money

Now you might be wondering how the company makes money since it has given total control and autonomy to its workers. Well, here is the breakdown of how Dumpling makes money.

  1. Shoppers are to pay a one-off fee of $10 for set up, this fee also covers the Dumpling Credit Card, a listing, and other shopper tools that will be needed.
  2. Then there is the option of shoppers paying $39 per month or $5 for transactions each time a job is booked.

As much as Dumpling is trying to bring ownership and autonomy in the gig economy sector. It is also experimenting with several ways it can support it network.

Dumpling Shopper App

Dumpling Shopper app allows you to access all the features and tools Dumpling has to offers. The Dumpling Shopper app is known as Dumpling Grocery and it is available on both Android and iPhone. You can download the Dumpling Grocery with the steps below.

  1. Ensure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Launch Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Once on any of the Store apps, using the search option, search for Dumpling Grocery then hit enter. From the next page tap install.

After the above steps, the app will start downloading immediately, and immediately that is done. The installation will follow automatically after which you can launch the app to start using. If you are unable to download the Dumpling shopper app. This means that the Dumpling is not yet available in your country or region.


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