Doritos Silent” Allows You to Enjoy Snacks on Zoom Without Upsetting Your Colleagues

The app, powered by AI, cancels out crunching sounds. Doritos acknowledges that their extremely crunchy chips aren’t ideal for the workplace. They prove too distracting for Zoom calls and desk-side snacking.

Doritos Silent
Doritos Silent

Doritos Silent

You could simply refrain from eating Doritos during work, or even opt for quieter alternatives like a chewy granola bar or a banana. However, that might not align with business interests. So, Doritos introduced a solution: meet “Doritos Silent.

What Does Doritos Silent Entail?

As per The Washington Post, Doritos Silent is an app crafted for crunch cancellation, muting the sound of your chip-chomping teeth.

Lead Developer Dylan Fashbaugh from Smooth Technology, in collaboration with Doritos, stated, “It functions on any device equipped with a microphone.” The app was launched in early November.

Fashbaugh shared that he personally had around 500 participants crunch Doritos into a microphone to instruct an artificial intelligence (AI) model in recognizing the sound of Doritos crunching, allowing it to isolate the noise.

We blended the sounds of various conversations, including ours and others, with the crunch sounds. This way, we could create an AI that learns both the crunching and speaking sounds,” he explained.

The AI at the core of Doritos Silent was exclusively trained using Doritos but is compatible with various crunch sounds. In simple terms, Doritos Silent will mute any crunching, be it from Lays, crackers, or raw vegetables.

Doritos Silent is Designed for Gamers

According to The Washington Post, Doritos Silent can eliminate disruptive chewing noises from “voice chat, Zoom, or any call using headphones.” Nevertheless, the primary focus of the app is gamers.

Crunch is one of the most distracting elements that could disrupt someone’s gaming experience,” stated Mustafa Shamseldin, Chief Marketing Officer of International Foods at PepsiCo, Doritos’ parent company.

Fashbaugh, a gamer himself, agreed with Shamseldin, emphasizing his own experience with the annoyance of fellow gamers audibly munching on chips. While chips are an enjoyable and energizing snack for gamers, they can also be distracting.

I understand your thought: the company could introduce less crunchy Doritos. In fact, they attempted this in 2018, branding it a “chip for women.” However, as you might have anticipated, that didn’t receive a positive response.

Fernando Kahane, Doritos’ Head of Global Marketing, suggested that instead of introducing new Doritos, we could address that issue with technology.” Consequently, the Doritos Silent app was created.

Doritos Silent is currently exclusive to Windows PCs, with plans to expand its availability to more devices in the future.

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