Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston | 8 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Houston May 2022

Speaking of Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston, there are lots of restaurants in Houston where you can go and have a good time with your dog tagging along to enjoy the time out with you also. In this article, we will be giving you a list of some of the restaurants you can visit with your dog.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston

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Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston

Below are some of the Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston.

Buffalo Bayou

You can always take your dog on a long walk along the Buffalo Bayou as your dog plays freely with other dogs at Johnny Steele Dog Park, and from there you can go to The Dunlavy to get some breakfast tacos and mimosas.

Eight Row Flint

This is a nice house in Houston, Texas which organizes a Dog Halloween Costume Contest each year, but you can always bring your dog to the patio to have fun with the other pups as you enjoy yourself with cold beers and frozen drinks, and so much more.


This is a barbecue joint that has a menu such as beef ribs, smoked chicken and so much more, there is also a next-door patio bar, which is named The Patio at the Pit Room. In this restaurant, you can easily dig eat, and also be free to feed the scraps to your dog whenever you feel like it.


This is a bar where you can visit with your dog and drink beer, swing in a hammock, and way pizza. The Axelrad beer garden provides you with all of that, including bar games, picnic tables, food trucks, once in a while live music, watering stations for your dog, and so on.

Town Square

The tree-lined town square is situated adjacent to the Big Larry statue which is the site of Rutherford Falls’ annual Founder’s Day celebration. You can freely buy a flavored latte with your dog from the friendly coffee cart located just at the base of the steps to City Hall, after that, locate a bench for you and your dog to sit and watch.

Cathy’s Fry Bread Truck

This is a restaurant that has great food specialties available, and in this restaurant, that specialty is fry bread, this is a classic Native American recipe where you deep fry doughnut and cover it with savory or sweet toppings.

Cathy’s truck restaurant serves it to customers sprinkled with powdered sugar; topped with beans, cheese, tomato, ground beef, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream ( You can also have it with no meat or the fried bread burger with a half-pound patty) and step it down with a cup of strawberry juice or lemonade.

Buckheart Lodge

This is also a restaurant on your way out of Houston. Buckheart Lodge is a lakeside cabin where the male ancestors of the town used to drink and solve problems (there are even paintings on the walls describing their quarrels). You can pay a visit and have a nice time out with your dog.

Backstreet Cafe

Houston is a really great place to eat and it is also a good place to take your dog to eat and drink, this is due to the work of the Paws on Patios movement that ensured that Houston’s restaurants and bars are able to have dogs enter restaurants without breaking the law. more research can be done on Google.



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