Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Found Guilty

Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty of defrauding the company’s investors. The verdict to the case is coming in after a keenly watched trial. The jury of the case has found Elizabeth Holmes guilty on four counts of wire fraud and conspiracy related to Theranos, a blood-testing startup.

Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Found Guilty

Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Found Guilty

A jury in federal government court on Monday observed that Elizabeth Holmes had intentionally misdirected financial backers (investors) in Theranos, the organization she began to reform blood testing. The decision follows a firmly watched preliminary that extended over right around four months.

Admirers regularly contrasted Holmes with Steve Jobs while she helmed Theranos, and the organization she established and ran was worth billions. Soon she will face sentencing subsequent to being indicted for three counts of wire extortion and one count of intrigue to submit wire misrepresentation.

A concealed Holmes showed no noticeable response as the decision was perused, as per journalists in the court, which the NPR cited as “eerily quiet.”

Holmes Was Initially Charged With 12 Counts of Conspiracy and Fraud

Holmes initially confronted 12 all-out charges of scheme and misrepresentation (conspiracy and fraud). However, the jury in US District Judge Edward Davila’s court in San Jose, California, viewed her as not guilty on four charges including extortion submitted against paying Theranos patients. The jury couldn’t arrive at a decision on three extra charges and one more charge was tossed out before in the preliminary.

When Was the Verdict Announced

The verdict however was announced after the jurors to the case on Monday informed the court they were gridlocked on three of the 11 counts confronting Holmes. In the wake of talking with lawyers for the two sides, Davila trained attendants to get back to consultations on the uncertain counts.

A couple of hours after the fact, no headway had been made and the jury returned a finding of “no decision” on three extra counts of wire misrepresentation including financial backers (investors).

Maximum Years of Holmes Verdict

Each one of the guilty verdicts carries a maximum of 20 years which if stacked on top of each other for the four counts amounts to 80 years. Experts in the field however think that it is unlikely to be so and termed it “unusual” for such to happen in a fraud case.


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