Discovery’s Streaming Plan by Warner Bros Risks tarnishing HBO’s Name

Discovery’s Streaming Plan by Warner Bros Risks tarnishing HBO’s Name. Tons of things have been happening over at Warner Bros. Discover (WBD) right now. The company’s newly anointed top brass is canning major movies and TV shows en masse – irrespective of what they cost (Batgirl) or critical reception (Gordita Chronicles) – while the threat of mass layoffs looms gloomily over those that are working for its streaming divisions.

Discovery’s Streaming Plan by Warner Bros Risks tarnishing HBO’s Name

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Discovery’s Streaming Plan by Warner Bros Risks tarnishing HBO’s Name

The restructuring comes as WBD attempts to trim about $3 billion from its operating cost, savings that it supposedly has plans to pour back right into content creation when it’s grand ambition – a new all-things-to-all-people super streamer – becomes a reality in 2023.

The platform in question here is that it will see the conglomerate merge its already existing HBO Max and Discovery Plus properties right into a single, all-encompassing streaming service that offers “something for everyone in the household”, according to WBD honcho JB Perrette.

To add to those aforementioned employee cutbacks, the launch of the streaming service would come at the expense of HBO max, which has quite flourished into a bastion of prestige programming in the past two years since its launch.

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HBO’s Reputation

Yes, HBO’s major tentpole successes – think Euphoria and Succession – would inevitably be shuffled onto this mysterious platform, but WBD has expressed an explicit desire to trim down the production of scripted content, and further suffice to say, consumers are not happy.

WBD’s big decision of scaling down its original programming spells trouble for the reputation of HBO, which happens to be widely recognized as the foremost producer of premium television all thanks to critical, commercial, and cultural hits like the Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, the Sopranos, Band of Brothers, and The wire.

The Upcoming IP-based production is expected to include House of the Dragon and the Last of Us TV show which would attempt to continue the tradition, but where would this new idea pop out from? It seems like WBD is gambling foolishly on the notion that the subscribers would turn to the unscripted content that would be offered by the Discovery Channel, TBS, and TBS when they are all out of premium tv to watch.


In some cases, it seems like the company seems set on its new master plan for streaming. “At the end of the day, placing all, the content together happens to be the only way we saw to make this a viable business”, Perette said to analysts. Fair enough, but if HBO wants to remain TV’s golden network, WBD is expected to reassess its commitment to boundary-pushing original programming.

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