Discord Is Finally Launching on PS4 and PS5 Game Activity Sharing

Discord Is Finally Launching on PS4 and PS5 Game Activity Sharing. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) was originally announced by its partners with discord back in May of 2021, stating that we would be able to integrate our PlayStation activities with the social platform starting from early 2022.

Discord Is Finally Launching on PS4 and PS5 Game Activity Sharing

Pretty much right on cue, Discord has announced that the integration would be making its launch across the PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts for PS4 and PS5. Once it has been enabled, you would be able to show everyone that you share an account on the discord channel along with what you are playing.

Discord Is Finally Launching on PS4 and PS5 game Activity Sharing

Specifically, this would enable you to connect your PSN account to your discord account, and this would allow Discord to show the activity on your PS5 or PS4. In other to make an online Play with friends a bit easier, Discord would be offering your friends the chance to display your PSN name as one part of your profile.

Just by doing this, your friends on discord would be aware of who to add on PSN and will be able to see if you are playing something that they can join you in playing. This feature is available for PC games and apps, but not available for Sony home consoles up until recently.

How it Works

The connection between PSN Status and your Discord account is done from discord itself by way of the connections option under the User settings. They said that the steps to linking it are the same as linking other previously available integration options, so if you happen to have done it for other accounts, then, then you already know the process. Well, if you have not done it before, follow the steps below:

  • First, navigate to the connections options and select the PlayStation Logo
  • At this point, you would be required to log into your PSN account
  • All you need is your account name and password and you are in.

You also would be required to manually allow Discord to share your PSN status, however, in which case toggling on both “Display on Profile” and “display PlayStation Network as your Status” would be necessary. And if you choose to show your PSN Status, you would also be required to make sure your PSN Privacy settings for “Online Status” and “Now Playing” have been set to “anyone” or else, it would not work the way you want it to.


This feature has not just started, its gradual rollout to discord users in the United States across all of its platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web app), alongside the platform, said to be available in more countries soon. So, if you cannot find the option right on your discord settings, it is required that you “Check back later” to see if anything has changed.


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