Discord is down for lots of People – Discord Working on Issues

Discord is down for lots of People. If you happen to be having issues at the moment, we’ve now had some great news for you and some bad news. The great news is that it is not just you that is in possession of issues, which basically means that it has nothing to do with the hardware. Of course, this means that the issue is much more widespread, and at the moment, there are no details on when these issues would get fixed.

Discord is down for lots of People

Discord is Down for lots of People

The thing with discord is that it started not so long ago, with tons of users flocking to the down detector in other to report the problems and reaching out to Discord that is in Twitter in other to report their issues. It originally looks as if these platforms affected users of discord in the United States Midwest, but now, it looks as if a new slate of problems have started affecting the US East region, according to discord’s own status page.

“We would be experiencing some connection failures in the US East (ATL) due to the problems upstream of our service,” Discord stated on that page, “Oncall engineering would continue to monitor the service and it would be working CloudFare in other to restore service.” Earlier, Discord stated that its issues were as a result of a Cloudflare outage as well, so that it’s probable that discord does not remain the only service that possesses some issues at the moment.

Discord Working on Issues

It looks as if most people are having issues when it comes to connecting to their servers. I can confirm that there remains a total connection of outage that had led to failing messages, across my servers and DMs, but that issue has been fixed for me at the time of writing this. Discord is down for lots of People

So, if you happen to be facing issues with Discord currently, you are not the only one facing this problem, and Discord is trying to get this issue fixed. Be sure not to forget to check with the Discord Status page that has been linked above for up-to-the-minute details on these outages, as it gets updated automatically whenever discord is in possession of more details to share.


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