Disabled Students in the New York City Public Schools

There are a number of Disabled Students in the New York City Public Schools. In some cases, a student is diagnosed with a learning disability. If so, he or she is advised to enroll in the special education services.

Disabled Students in the New York City Public Schools


Luckily, NYC DOE has made it possible for disabled students in New York Public schools to receive special education. To learn more about this, you should keep on reading.

Disabled Students in the New York City Public Schools

The New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) also provides a platform where these students can have their own individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

The IEP is a legal document or statement which contains the educational scheme, strengths, needs, and other necessary information of the disabled child.

This document also contains the correct details of how the Department of Education (DOE) will offer special education services. This service is a free and Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment.

Special Education NYC DOE

Before you enroll your child in the NYC DOE Special Education program, there are some things you should consider as a parent. Some of the points to consider are:

  • Your child may be different in learning and may not necessarily be disabled.
  • You should not refer a child for the NYC DOE special education because the child has difficulties with the English language.
  • Also, children learn at different rates. They may also be used to a particular teaching method.

Having known this, you can choose to start the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) process for your child. You can do this if you have considered the points above and still feel a need to enroll your child.

New York State Special Education Eligibility Criteria

A disabled child in any New York public School can also start the Individualized Educational Process (IEP) as well as those in private schools.

Before the student can start the process, there are some requirements that must be meant. They include:

  • A delay in understanding and using languages.
  • Inability to perform self-help skills such as toileting, eating, and dressing.
  • Vision impairment.
  • Delayed thinking and learning.
  • Improper social behaviors. This includes getting along with pairs and expressing feelings.
  • Physical disability in movement and hearing.

If your child meets these requirements, you can begin the IEP process for the child. To know more about the behavior of your child in school, you can talk to your child’s teacher and caretakers.

You can enroll your child in the NYC DOE special education program by visiting your local NYC DOE Special Education Office.

Best NYC Public Schools for Special Education

Are you concerned about getting the right public school for your disabled child? If yes, this article has got you covered. Finding the right public school for special children should be a concern for every parent.

This is because it eliminates the fear of the child being stigmatized and it also gives the parent an assurance that proper education is being offered to the child.

The list below contains the best NYC public schools for special education:

  • Birchwood School.
  • Winston Preparatory School.
  • The Gateway School.
  • Occupational Training Center.
  • The Churchill School and Center.
  • Greenburgh Eleven Elementary School.
  • Little Flower School.
  • Eden Wald school.
  • George Junior Republic School.
  • Clark Academy.
  • Eastern Suffolk Boces.
  • Greenburgh Academy.
  • Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery Boxes.
  • Hutchings Child & Youth Services.

The schools above are some of the best NYC public schools for special education. You can use the google map on your internet-connected device to locate any of these public schools.

Disability Associated with Children that Attends the NYC Public School

Some disabilities associated with children include:

  • Emotional impairment: This includes disabilities related to the emotions and mental health of a child. Some emotional impairments include; depression, anxiety, fear, conduct disorders, etc.
  • Learning disabilities such as congenital brain injuries, inability to interpret things, inability to interpret what they hear and see, etc.
  • Speech and language disorder. This includes stammering, stuttering, voice impairments, etc.

Others include physical disabilities and health issues such as asthma, epilepsy, heart problems, etc.

OFFICIAL LINK: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/mopd/resources/learning-disability-schools-in-manhattan.page?msclkid=69d09874c71b11ec8a366f66e68b7c27



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