Developers of Hitman Cannot Fix the In-Game Death Wall

Developers of Hitman cannot fix the in-game death wall. I really don’t think gamers and layers of the game will really be happy with this news. This simply means that the Death Wall is still very much there and still waiting to claim more lives.

Hitman In-Game Death Wall

Hitman In-Game Death Wall

IO Interactive has just released a new patch for Hitman: The World of Assassination which in question helps to address the “Death Wall” bug.

The World of Assassination August update, just like previous patches, helps to address a host of bugs that reportedly aim to improve the player experience across all modes, however, you should know that there is one issue currently plaguing the game that simply cannot just be fixed completely.

Players in the game have been running into a problem on the Isle of Sgàil level of Hitman 2, which as you should know is one that finds characters dying immediately when they come into contact with a specific wall, which is ironically in the morgue.

IO has reportedly nicknamed it the “Death Wall” and has also made an attempt in fixing the said issue. But just as the developer has explained in the patch notes, the very first solution to include extra collision did not work.

“Ironically enough, the death wall is located in the Morgue and would kill any NPC who was right up against it,” IO Interactive reportedly explained.

Temporary Fix to the Problem

“To remedy this, we added some extra collision along the wall – but that didn’t work. We could see that NPCs were able to step *just* outside of the navmesh bounds (basically the area that they are allowed to be) and although we tried a few other changes, the Death Wall kept on claiming victims.”

In a bid to resolve the said issue, IO has now resorted to stacking a host of boxes against the wall to halt NPCs from walking near or close to it. And although this is not a complete fix, it will most surely stop characters from meeting instant death for the time being.

“Now, we have fixed the issue by adding a bunch of boxes and stuff right next to the wall, to keep the NPCs away,” the devs revealed. “Despite the fix, DEATH WALL™ is still there and waiting to claim more lives. Stay frosty.”

The Physical Release of the PS5 Version

IO also noted that the latest patch in question prepares the game for the physical release of the PS5 version which is stipulated to be released on August 25, as well as for the return of the Sarajevo Six campaign and the Trinity Pack – which both in question will go live on August 17 as premium content.



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