Delete Facebook Page – How to Delete my Facebook Page for Good

Do you have a Facebook page, you feel you no longer need and just wondering how you can delete it? Delete Facebook page is the process of deleting a page you created on the platform that you no longer need. Your Facebook page is different from your main profile. Deleting a Facebook page is simple and fast.

Delete Facebook Page

In other to delete the page, make sure you’re the admin of the page. If yore, not an admin, then you would need to request access from someone who is an Admin. To delete a Facebook page, you have to log in to your account using the Facebook app or website.

Delete Facebook Page

Delete Facebook Page is the process of removing your page from the platform completely. The process is quite easy and fast. Only admins of the page are given the right to delete a page.

If you feel the page is no longer active or not exactly what you want, and you wish to delete the page. Then I’ve got you covered, as I will be providing you with the step-by-step guides to follow to do so.

What is a Facebook Page

Now the Facebook page is simply a public profile that is specifically created for brands, celebrities, etc. The page is actually different from your personal profile, you don’t gain friends but fans.

Facebook page is a public representation of a person, business, organization, group, etc. on the platform that can be followed and liked by anyone. Creating a Facebook page is very simple and fast.

With the page, you get fans or followers, unlike your personal profile. The personal profile lets you get friends to share, communicate via Messenger and also connect with using voice or video calls. To create or delete a Facebook page, you have to be logged in to your account. Using the mobile app for Facebook or website.

How to Delete Facebook Page

As I have said earlier, deleting a Facebook page is simple and fast. It can be done through the Facebook app or website. Your page could be a fan, business, or organization page. If the page is no longer needed, you can delete it.

To delete you have to be logged in and make sure you’re an admin of the page. Firstly, you have t be signed in to your account. Follow below to login;

  • Launch Facebook mobile app if installed or access your web and enter the official URL of Facebook at and search.
  • Once loaded, hit on login.
  • Type in a mobile phone number or email address and then password on the text field that is provided on the form.
  • Hit on Log in to load the Facebook profile on the device you’re using.

The Facebook profile will be loaded on the device immediately if the information provided is right. If you’ve lost the password of the account, you can reset it by hitting on “Forgot Password”.

How to Delete my Facebook Page for Good

If you have created a Facebook page that you have abandoned long as it’s no longer of use you can delete it. You have to be the admin of the page to delete it. Here’s how you can delete a Facebook page for good;

  • Login to your account and then navigate to the page.
  • Select the page you want to delete.
  • Then hit on the Settings on the page.
  • From the General button inside the Settings section, scroll down and tap on “Remove Page”.
  • Click on Delete and tap “Ok”.

The Facebook page deletion process will begin. Facebook will give you 14 days to reconsider and cancel the deletion. Once the page is deleted, it means it has been removed permanently from the platform and can’t be restored again.


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