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We all know that Facebook is the number 1 social media platform used across the world, Facebook is available for both mobile app on all devices and on the web browser. Facebook is not just used to find friends and chat but you can do many other things, one of the things you can do on Facebook is finding dates. Facebook recently added a dating feature to its platform. This feature allows dating via the Facebook app for free for singles.

Dating via Facebook App Free for Singles

Dating via Facebook App Free for Singles

The Facebook dating feature is integrated into the Facebook app. So this allows you to access Facebook dating for free. The Facebook dating feature is in such a way that it is different from your main Facebook account. What we mean by this is that if you sign up for Facebook dating, your account for the feature will not be shared with your main account.

The Facebook dating feature has a special feature called a secret crush. This feature allows you to select friends on Facebook dating who you have a crush on. And would like to go on a date with. When you select this person or people. Your identity will not be reviewed by them only if they crush back on you.

Facebook Dating Sign Up

To sign up for Facebook dating, you do not need to create a separate account. All that is required of you is to meet up to the requirements; age requirement and location requirement. Follow the instructions below for Facebook dating sign up.

  • Ensure you are connected to an active internet.
  • Launch your Facebook mobile app.
  • Open your Facebook profile.
  • Click on the heart icon to start using Facebook dating.

Sometimes you might not need to go through all these steps. Once you are logged in on your Facebook mobile app, you will receive a prompt asking you to try out the new Facebook dating feature. If you don’t see the heart icon in your profile. And you don’t get the prompt this means that you are not eligible to use the Facebook dating feature.

Facebook Dating Group

Not having the Facebook dating feature available in your country doesn’t mean you can’t use Facebook for dating. There are some dating groups on Facebook that allows you to find dates on Facebook. You can join these Facebook dating groups by following the instructions below.

  • Login to your Facebook account from the Facebook mobile app or Facebook web.
  • From the home page, tap or click on the search bar.
  • Input keywords like dating groups, dating groups for singles, and the likes then hit enter.
  • From groups displayed as search results, select any group of your choice.

You can join as many groups as you want, chat on these groups, have fun, and find dates, Facebook dating groups have no country restrictions but some are set to have age restrictions.

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