Dating App for Fitness – The Best Fitness Dating Apps For Active Singles

Fitness is a Lifestyle but to most people, it is simply a hobby to build up your body structure. It makes much sense as you want your health, wellness, and active day-to-day dating life to be in good form. If you feel tired of the other dating apps like Tinder, and need someone in your line, then try out Dating App for Fitness.

Dating App for Fitness

That’s where a dating app for fitness comes in. There are lots of them you can find but I’ll be listing just a few. In this post, I will be sharing with you guys some awesome dating app for fitness. Well, to find out the apps available, you need to read on.

Dating App for Fitness

A dating app for fitness is the application you can use for dating those who share the same goal when it comes to health and well-being. Online dating apps are fun when you have the right people you’re communicating with.

You can find a like-minded person who is as motivated as you are on a dating app for fitness. Individuals that prefer to spend their time sweating in the gym, hike, WOD, or climb, need the same positive mind around them.

Dating App for Fitness Singles


Sweatt is exclusive to the New Yorkers. It is a dating app that allows its users to answer questions relating to their health regimen and then make matches for them. The app matches users with the individuals who share fitness, lifestyle, and also your wellness preferences. Sweatt only matches users with those who share a comparable lifestyle. User profiles are placed on display. If two users like each then they can start a conversation and dating starts.


This is not just an app that for your interests in the process of finding the perfect match for you. The application makes use of your location and health tracker. The trackers include your Apple Health Kit, Fit bit or the Microsoft Band. You can make a video chat once you find a match. SingleFit actually is very easy to use and also fast to understand with a great interface.

WellSquad + Atleto

WellSquad + Atleto is yet another app to use for dating. It matches you with like-minded people or athletes based on your skill level, location, how often you play. By so doing it connects or matches you with people you can play sports like football, kickball, etc or go to the gym with.

True Swolemates

Well, like the saying “True Swolemates is only the social networking site for finding your life and lifting partner”. It is the best choice for those who are into Cross-fit or Bodybuilding. The platform is similar to Facebook, it involves you creating a profile and uploading your images both profile and cover. Look through and connect with different individuals. Start a conversation and talk about your favorite topics. It is simple to use and understands.


Happn lets you discover and connect with those with whom you’ve crossed paths before. The profile displays the number of times you have crossed paths with someone. This app kind of takes track of your surroundings and the people around you. For instance, if there’s someone who is using the same gym as you and they use Happn, the app will connect you both. Happn is free, easy, and fast to understand and also use.

There are actually lots of more apps that can be used when searching for a fitness buddy or partner. But the above listed are some of the best ones to use.


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