Customize Wells Fargo Card – How to Customize Your Wells Fargo Card

Do you know that you can customize your wells Fargo card? If you never knew about this, then you should. It is very possible to customize your wells Fargo card.

Customize Wells Fargo Card

A lot of wells Fargo cardholders are already customizing their cards, what then are you waiting for. In this post, I am going to be guiding you on everything you need to know and do to successfully customize your card.

Customize Wells Fargo Card

Wells Fargo has given users on the platform the ability to design their cards in regards to reflecting whatever it is that is important to them. Wells Fargo cardholders can now display one of their own photos or other images they feel like on their debit or prepaid cards. Or they can simply select an image from wells Fargo’s extensive and elaborate online library for their card. Some ideas that users can simply choose from include;

  • A nice photo of your pet.
  • Artwork of your child.
  • Favorite pictures of your family and friends.
  • An image or artwork of your favorite sport, hobby, or any other type of interest.

If you have selected or opted to make use of your very own image, then you will need to adhere to the imaging guidelines of wells Fargo. And after your image has been approved by the company, you should expect your new card to arrive at its destination in 5 to 7 calendar days.

Customizing Your Wells Fargo Card Using Your Image or Any Other Type of Image 

There are things that you need to know before you continue with customizing your wells Fargo card. Know that wells Fargo has the right to reject or accept any type of artwork, logos, or images you submit. For instance, images containing the following will not be accepted;

  • Third-party trademarks
  • Copyrighted materials.
  • Name, image, and any likeness to public figures and others.

That’s it. So when submitting artwork or images, you should follow the imaging guidelines above in order to not have your work rejected.

How Much Does It Cost to Customize your Wells Fargo Card

Well, it does not cost much. In fact, it is completely free to customize your wells Fargo card. Many people have already customized their cards and many others are in the process of designing their cards to their own personal taste. With that being said, what then are you waiting for. Head on to wells Fargo today and customize your very own prepaid or debit card.

How to Get Started Customizing your own Wells Fargo Card

Getting started with the whole process is easy and straight. And it is also free as explained in the previous paragraph. To get started, go to the Wells Fargo Customization page on your internet-enabled device. Next, click on the design your card button after scrolling down the page. You will be required to sign in to your Wells Fargo account. You will then have to follow the on-screen instructions after successfully signing in to your Wells Fargo account.

If you still have doubts about how the whole thing works, you can view a demo example provided by wells Fargo itself. To access the demo page on how you can customize your wells Fargo card, go to Wells Fargo card Design Studio.


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