Creditville Payday Loan – Criteria to Obtain Creditville Payday Loan

Creditville is a financial technology firm that provides various financial services, including loans, leases, financing, investments, asset management, banking, foreign exchange, and real estate.

Creditville Payday Loan

Its head office is on Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, with five more branches across the country. In this article, you will be given a walkthrough of all you need to know about Cedarville.

Overview Of Creditville

Creditville was set up in 2013, and since then, it has become a top fintech company in Nigeria. It has been awarded several awards, among a few of the awards include “Most Trusted Customer Finance Company – Africa’s Finance Award 2020” and “Africa’s Best World-Class Quality Leading Service Company of The Year 2021.”

Its payday loans are one of the most popular products from Creditville. This loan is to be granted to the staff of corporate undertakings whose employment and revenues shall be verified by authenticated bank statements.

The amount of the loan may be up to NGN100,000, in which case a period of 30 days is allowed for repayment.

Creditville offers a range of other credits such as SME loans, Lady Flexy’s loan, and public sector lending. These loans are designed to cater to various kinds of customers and have variable terms and conditions. Creditville is one of the most respected fintech companies that has a proven track record.

This company offers a number of financial services that can be helpful to individuals and businesses. Creditville is a good option if you’re looking to borrow money or other types of finance.

Advantages Of Using Creditville

  • Their application process is quick and easy.
  • Their interest rates are very payable.
  • Their repayment terms are flexible.
  • Their terms and conditions are very transparent with no hidden charges.
  • Their customer service is top-notch.

What Is The Maximum Amount Of Loans You Can Get From Creditville

The maximum loan amount you can get from Creditville is ₦6,000,000. That’s for their payday loan product, which is available to those earning a salary. The loan tenors are 3 months to 6 months, and the interest rate is determined according to salary, duration of service, or place of employment.

For a business loan, the maximum loan amount you can get is ₦2,000,000. Business owners and self-employed individuals can apply for the loan for up to 12 months, with tenors as low as 6 months. Your firm’s profitability shall also determine the interest rate applicable to business loans.

Please keep in mind that Creditville is not allowed to lend more than these amounts. It will depend on your specific circumstances on how much you can get approved for.

Pay Day Loan On Creditville (Personal Loan)

Creditville Payday Loan is a product offered by Creditville Nigeria Limited, a financial technology company providing payroll-based consumer loans to eligible individuals through their employer. Your monthly salary is then deducted from the amount borrowed.

The loan is intended to be utilized for a number of purposes, including covering unanticipated expenses, consolidating debts, or buying large appliances, which are aimed at meeting salary earners’ urgent cash needs.

The loan amount may be between N100,000 and N4 million, with a repayment term of up to 12 months. The interest rate is 18% per annum, and there are no hidden charges.

Criteria to Obtain Creditville Payday Loan

  • Be a full-time wage worker with a monthly salary of N50,000.
  • You must have at least six months of employment.
  • You are to have a valid Nigerian ID.
  • You are to have an active Nigerian bank account.

The application procedure is easy, and you can use the internet to complete it. Funds will be transferred to your bank account no later than 48 hours after approval of the application.

Advantages Of Creditville Payday Loan

Here are a few upsides to Creditville Payday Loan:

  • The application process is fast and easy.
  • Within 48 hours, the funds will be deposited into your account.
  • Transparent with no hidden charges.
  • Their repayment terms are very flexible.

Creditville Payday Loan (personal loan) is a very good option when you’re an employed person in Nigeria who needs quick and easy access to cash.

Disadvantages Of Using Creditville Payday Loan

Here are a few downsides to using Creditville Payday Loan:

  • Their loan interest rate is relatively high.
  • Their repayment tenure may be short in some cases.
  • A guarantor will be needed.

In general, Creditville’s Personal Loan Payday loan is an excellent option for workers in Nigeria who need quick and convenient access to cash. Before you apply, it is particularly important to compare your interest rate and repayment schedule with other lenders.


Although Creditville payday loans may be an appropriate solution for those who need fast money, it is important to take account of the disadvantages that come with them.

For some borrowers, the comparatively high rate of interest and shorter repayment period may pose an obstacle to effective financial management. Moreover, the application process can become more difficult if a guarantor is required.

Therefore, it is recommended that you take an in-depth look at the terms and conditions of Creditville Payday Loan (personal loan) before deciding whether or not to make a proper decision on how best to finance your needs.

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