Create Facebook Poll: How to Create a Facebook Poll on a Page | How to Create a Facebook Poll on a Group

Create Facebook Poll? Interested in the Facebook poll but don’t know how to go about it? Well first off, let’s get to what the Facebook poll is about. The Facebook poll is quite similar to the other features on Facebook like tagging a location, tagging friends, tagging events, and adding photos and videos. The poll allows you to ask your audience questions and get answers to them.

Create Facebook Poll

Creating a Facebook poll on your page or group can help you to generate leads and even make sales according to your audience’s needs and their luxury preferences. You also get to ask your customers their interest and get answers that will go a great way in helping you. The poll is a great and sure way to make plans with friends, and an avenue to ask your customers what they would like you to improve on.

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The best part is that making a Facebook poll is very easy and not time-consuming, if you can manage to post regularly on your Facebook posts, you would be able to manage the Facebook polling in no time. If you wish you can also customize your Facebook poll to be shown only to some selected group of people, because of this not everyone will be able to know what you are asking about.

Create Facebook Poll

The thing about the Facebook poll is that it can be productive and at the same time amusing. It gives you the room to ask your friends how they feel about some exciting events like the last film you watched in the cinemas or asking which products people would most likely demand in your online boutique. The Facebook poll allows you to quickly gain information targeted to you. Running a poll for your followers and friends seems a great way to make some certain decisions, create some friendly debate, and even spot check opinions. The Facebook poll has become a very powerful tool in social media, that almost all the big companies and brands are presently making use of it. As it seems people these days love sharing their opinions. It has indeed gone a great length to be of assistance as you get to the preferences of your audience and work towards it.

How to Create a Facebook Poll on a Page

If you ready to build a strong connection between you, your customers, and visitors, and even are ready to post your first poll. Below are the steps on how to go about it;

  • First off, go to the Facebook search bar and search for poll
  • Then enter the title of the poll and click or tap on “Next: Questions”
  • Then you fill out your question and the possible answers
  • Yes just like that it’s done

It is quite easy as all you need do is to ask a question, your visitors make their choice between two answers, and you seal the deal.

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How to Create a Facebook Poll on a Group

It is important to note that if you create a Facebook poll with more than two options, then it is something you can do only on Facebook groups. With that been said below are the steps on how to create a Facebook poll on a group page;

  • First off, go to your group page
  • Then tap on the top status bar where it says,” Write something”
  • Next, you select the option of the “Publishing Tools”
  • Then click on “+Create” and select “Poll”
  • Then you can now enter your questions with the possible answers
  • With this, you get to see as many answers as possible.

To summarize it all, the Facebook poll is indeed a useful tool that will help you grow in making great decisions as a business owner. Moreover, if you do not need people selecting multiple options and adding their options, you could just set it. For more information on how to create a Facebook poll, kindly visit this link;


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