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Application is open for Conservation International Grants. CI is a leading organization in global conservation, dedicated to safeguarding the Earth’s biodiversity and promoting sustainable development.

Conservation International Grants
Conservation International Grants

By providing grants, CI supports organizations and projects that share its mission, driving positive transformations across the globe.

Objectives of Conservation International Grants

Conservation International’s grants program focuses on four main goals:

  • Preserving Biodiversity: Providing funding for projects that actively work towards protecting diverse ecosystems and endangered species.
  • Empowering Communities: Supporting initiatives that involve local communities in sustainable practices, ensuring the well-being of both nature and people.
  • Taking Climate Action: Backing projects that tackle the challenges of climate change and promote strategies for resilience and adaptation.
  • Advancing Scientific Research: Encouraging scientific endeavors that enhance our understanding of ecosystems and contribute to evidence-based conservation practices.

Types of Conservation International Grants

Conservation International provides a range of grant options that cater to different aspects of conservation and sustainability:

  • Large-Scale Impact Grants: These grants fund major projects that have the potential to make a significant positive impact on biodiversity and sustainable development.
  • Community Grants: These grants support grassroots initiatives that actively engage and benefit local communities in their conservation efforts.
  • Innovation Grants: These grants promote the use of new and innovative approaches and technologies that enhance conservation practices and contribute to long-term ecological well-being.

Grant Amount and Duration

Conservation International offers grants ranging from US$500 to US$2,500, depending on the size and influence of the proposed projects. Grants with significant impact may receive more funding, while grants for community and innovation projects are tailored to meet specific needs. The duration of each grant is usually specified in the guidelines for that particular grant type.

Application Process and Requirements

The process of applying for a Conservation International Grant involves several important steps:

  • Visit the Conservation International Grants Portal: Start by going to the official Conservation International Grants portal. You can access the portal [here](
  • Review Grant Types and Eligibility: Take a look at the different types of grants offered by Conservation International. Make sure to check the eligibility criteria for each grant type to ensure that your project aligns with the specific focus areas.
  • Prepare a Detailed Project Proposal: Create a detailed project proposal that clearly outlines your conservation objectives, methods, expected outcomes, and plans for sustainability. Follow the guidelines provided on the Conservation International Grants portal.
  • Create a Budget: Specify how the grant funds will be used by creating a comprehensive budget. The budget should align with the objectives of your project and adhere to any specific guidelines provided by Conservation International.
  • Outline Impact Assessment: Show the potential impact of your project by outlining a strong impact assessment plan. Clearly define measurable indicators, monitoring methods, and strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of your conservation efforts.
  • Explore Collaboration and Partnerships: Conservation International values collaborative efforts. Consider exploring and establishing partnerships that can enhance the impact of your conservation initiatives. Review the collaboration guidelines on the Conservation International Grants portal.
  • Submit Your Application: Use the online submission system on the Conservation International Grants portal to submit your detailed project proposal, budget, impact assessment, and collaboration plans. Follow the provided instructions.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria of Conservation International may include:

  • Projects should align with Conservation International’s mission and goals, focusing on biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, and environmental protection.
  • Some grants may have specific geographic areas or regions of focus, so it is important to ensure that your project operates within the designated regions specified by the grant guidelines.
  • Different grants may be designed for specific project types, such as biodiversity conservation, community development, sustainable agriculture, or climate change adaptation.
  • Conservation International grants may be available to nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and community groups, so it is important to ensure that your organization’s legal status aligns with the grant’s eligibility criteria.
  • Collaboration and partnerships are valued by Conservation International, and some grants may prioritize projects that involve partnerships and collaboration with other organizations.
  • Grant applicants may be evaluated based on their organizational capacity to implement the proposed project successfully, and demonstrating a track record of successful conservation initiatives or related projects may enhance eligibility.
  • Grants often seek innovative projects with the potential for significant conservation impact, so it is important to clearly outline how your project demonstrates innovation and its potential positive outcomes.
  • Projects that actively involve and benefit local communities sustainably are often favoured.
  • Adhering to all specific guidelines outlined in the grant application materials is crucial, as failure to comply with these guidelines may affect eligibility.


The documentation required for a Conservation International Grant application typically includes:

  • Detailed project proposal.
  • Comprehensive budget.
  • Impact assessment plan.
  • Details of collaborating partners.
  • Organizational information.

Positive Impacts

Conservation International Grants have catalyzed numerous positive impacts, including the protection of critical habitats, the empowerment of local communities, and the advancement of innovative conservation solutions. These grants contribute significantly to global biodiversity conservation and sustainable development goals.


Conservation International Grants demonstrate a dedication to promoting a sustainable future by backing initiatives that find a balance between nature and humanity. With strategic partnerships and innovative methods, CI remains a leading force in global conservation endeavours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are individuals allowed to apply for Conservation International Grants, or are they limited to organizations?

Typically, grant eligibility is for nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and community groups. To confirm if individuals can apply, please refer to the specific grant program’s guidelines.

Do Conservation International Grants have specific areas or regions they focus on?

Certain grants may have specific geographic areas of focus. To find out if there are any geographic restrictions, please refer to the eligibility criteria and guidelines.

What can I do to increase the chances of my application being successful?

To enhance your application’s chances of success, make sure to highlight how it aligns with Conservation International’s mission, showcase innovation, outline the measurable impact, and demonstrate collaboration with local communities and partners.



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