Complete Guide on How to Deactivate Facebook on Android and iOS

Are you tired of Facebook dating or are you feeling frustrated with getting matched with people that are not up to your satisfaction? You are not alone there are millions of people that are fed up with the Facebook dating feature and would love to turn it off. You have come to the right article because this is a complete guide on how to deactivate Facebook dating on Android and iOS.

Complete Guide on How to Deactivate Facebook on Android and iOS

So many people have been using Facebook dating since its launch and have not found any tangible relationship they have made. Most of them keep getting bad luck and as simply frustrated with the dating feature. Many do not want to see please see it anymore because they are done with it.

When you just decide to take a break or you are simply done with using the Facebook dating feature on this guide you will see how to deactivate.

Facebook Dating

Facebook dating a separate and different from most dating applications because it is integrated into Facebook. This means if you download the Facebook application on your Android or iOS device or simply use it from the word you can access dating. And that you do not need to download a separate application in order to use Facebook dating

It very much operates like tinder which is a location-based service that gets you must with people that are already using dating. When you sign up or log in for Facebook dating you would create your Facebook dating profile which will determine the kind of people get mashed with. Note that if you are not using Facebook dating you can’t see those using dating and they can’t see you as well.

Dating is one of the top features of the Facebook platform and has been really helpful to many but unhelpful to very many others.

Can I Deactivate my Facebook Dating Account?

In order for you to make use of Facebook dating, you have to, first of all, opt into dating. To opt in to Facebook dating is by go to the menu select the dating feature and click on get started. By doing so you have enabled the dating future on your account.

Now for whatever reason, you have been fed up with Facebook dating and simply do not want to use it anymore they are two things you can do. You can eat at the site to deactivate your Facebook account or simply delete the Facebook account.

So yes it is very much possible to deactivate your Facebook dating account on your mobile phone. If you have made use of Facebook dating before and simply decided against using it you can deactivate it using your Android or iOS device.

Can you Hide your Facebook Dating Profile?

Before you opt into Facebook dating just as I have mentioned above you would not have access to see others using dating. What this means is that Facebook dating users are hidden from you or know you can see their Facebook profile you cannot see if they are using dating. However, once you have hopped into Facebook dating and have created your profile you can now see others using it.

They can also see you as well but if you decide to delete or deactivate your Facebook dating profile you no longer can. Once you have deleted or hidden your Facebook dating profile you can no longer see people using dating likewise they can’t see you. So yes once your account has been deactivated or deleted you are hidden from them as they are hidden from you.

Complete Guide on How to Deactivate Facebook on Android and iOS

If you are using the Facebook dating application on your Android or an iOS account you can easily deactivate your Facebook dating profile. To do so follow the below procedure:

  • Launch your Facebook application.
  • Sign in.
  • Tap on the Facebook menu and select account settings.
  • Select dating preference.
  • Finally uncheck the setting that says “Show me dating options“

Note that once this is done your profile has been deactivated but not deleted. As a result of it being deactivated, you can no longer use Facebook dating until it is reactivated.



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