Common Things that can Cause Damage to Your Eyes

Common Things that can Cause Damage to Your Eyes

Common Things that can Cause Damage to Your Eyes. The eye is a vital organ in the body because of its essential duties. Sadly, so many people will go through the situation of losing their eyesight. The rate at which people are very careless about their eyesight nowadays is very alarming.

Common Things That Can Cause Damage to Your Eyes

The problem most times is that we do not know the common things that cause damage to the eyes. We have provided the information below, check them out and leave your comments below.

What causes Damage to the Eyesight?

Some of the most common causes that damage eyesight include:


Age is one of the popular natural factors that deteriorate eyesight. As we age, our eyesight can deteriorate from macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. Although aging can’t be stopped, corrective vision surgery can help slow the progress and loss of vision.

UV Sunlight

Another thing that can cause damage to the eye is the UV rays from the sun, this can happen from over-exposure. A good remedy is to always wear UV-protective sunglasses or glasses when outdoors even on cloudy days.

Excessive Use of Alcohol

Too much alcohol can cause problems for the eyes, both directly and indirectly. It can even make certain eye conditions develop sooner, like macular degeneration. Therefore, drink moderately and sparingly.

Too Much Screen Time

Spending too much time with the screens can deteriorate our eyesight. People spend a huge amount of time these days staring at screens from computers and smartphones to TVs and tablets. Excessive screen time can cause defects like dry eye, and eye strain, which can lead to a decrease in vision clarity.

Overuse of Eye Drops

Although we use them for treatment, one should be careful when using all these because they are not all that good for your vision. These products restrict blood flow in the eye and can eventually cause damage to your eyes.

Contact Lenses

Surprisingly, wearing contact lenses can damage the eyes and eyesight. Therefore, try not to use the contact lenses for too long, and ensure you clean them correctly. Then, there are the issues of getting the contacts in and out of the eyes, so, try to be very careful.


Not just for the eyes, smoking is not too good for the body. Smoking has a lot of adverse effects,  smoke can burn the eyes, and the chemicals used in tobacco products have various side effects on eyesight like leading to cataracts at a younger age.

Dry Eye

This occurs often after using lubricating eye drops to keep the eyes wet or moist. Therefore, let’s make sure that these medical items are recommended to us before buying them. Many of these products have added chemicals that could damage the eyes.

Not Wearing Safety Glasses/Goggles

We have to be very careful with our eyes. If you work in places where dust particles, chips, and debris fly around, ensure you were safety goggles. This includes wearing them when cleaning the pool, landscaping, and adding chemicals.

Not Wearing Protective Gear When Playing Sports

It can be much fun to play contact sports, but let’s not forget that they have protective wear that is built to protect the body and eyes, wear them and play carefully to avoid damages to the eyes.


Retinopathy is a condition that can arise from not properly managing Diabetes. This condition is painless, and most people don’t even know it is happening when it happens

Not Seeing Your Eye Doctor Annually

Your eyes are very important and should be checked annually, ensure you pay an annual visit to your optometrist for a checkup. Annual exams can help identify potential conditions which could be developing unnoticed before they become more serious.

So many things can cause damages to eyesight, therefore we have to be very careful and take the necessary precautions, do our annual check-ups, and make sure we eat right.


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