Coke Studio Latest Season – How to Perform on Coke Studio | Coke Studio App

Are you a fan of the studio music program (Coke Studio Latest Season)?  Or you have heard of it but don’t really know what is all about. Maybe you haven’t even heard of it? Well you are reading the right article. This is because in this article we will be giving in-depth information on everything you need to know about the coke studio music program. All you need to do is stick with us from the beginning of this article to the end to get the desired answers to the questions you’ve asked. Some serious fans of the coke studio music program have asked if there will be another of the coke studio and when it will be airing on our TVs. Well like I said earlier you are in the right place. Just sit tight and follow patiently.

Coke Studio Latest Season

Coke Studio Latest Season

Coke studio has had and enjoyed quite some remarkable successful years since its inception. However, fans have still not gotten enough of fun and everything that comes along with it. Now, questions are being asked about the latest season and when it going to hit the air waves. as of on the 15 of August 2020, there have been twelve seasons so far since it started in 2008. All other seasons have followed consecutively to season twelve being the latest that was held last year 2019.

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Although sources have confirmed that there will be a season thirteen of the famous coke studio music programs, no official date has been released yet. More so, Forms have not been put on sale for now and certainly not this year anymore. All these delay may also come down to the fact that of the corona virus pandemic has put so many event and programs on hold.

Coke Studio

If you are the type that loves music and have heard of the coke studio music program but don’t know it is, keep reading.

What is coke studio? This is a studio recording music concept that gives opportunity to rising artist and already established artist to perform live on stage. Coke Studio is an international music show which started in Pakistan since 2008. It has recorded huge success over the years. It is also known for its cultural diversity because it invites artist from various regions and languages to take music to the next level. The show is aired on so many TV stations to allow viewers to gain access to the shows.

How to Perform on Coke Studio | Coke Studio Latest Season

Well as a fan and lover of the coke studio music program the thought of someday performing live at the coke studio must have come to mind. It is the biggest dream of every singer to perform at some of the biggest stage when it comes to music. However, we all know it doesn’t come that easy. It has to take a lot of hard work and persistence to get to that level. On this article i will be sharing some of the ways to perform on the coke music studio.

First you have obtain the forms to stand a chance and go through a lot of screening, then you have to be an artist who can fit into the coke studio template which is to be decided by the music producers. This is because this is not just a show you choose to participate in. You have to make the producers feel you fit in and once you’ve impressed them the studio is all yours.

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How to Download Coke Studio Songs

Outside being a great music program, coke music studio has produced some good songs from their wide artist all over the world. These songs have given so much vibes to their listeners. Some of these fans have searched and asked questions on how to get these songs on their mobile devices. However, they seem not to be getting it right even though it’s almost too easy to do. All of the coke studio songs can be gotten from the coke studio app or even their YouTube page. If you’re lucky you may just find some of the songs on other websites. All you need to do is get the coke studio app installed on your phone or just pay a visit to the coke studio website and follow the simple instructions. Boom you can now listen to your favorite coke studio songs.

  • Go to the coke studio official website at
  • Select the season you want to download from from using the season dropdown at the top right side of the page.
  • Select the episode you wish to download using the episodes link by the left side of the screen.
  • On the new page, you can watch and listen to the song on YouTube. Since you can do this, you can download the song using any YouTube video downloader. Some are and y2mate.
  • Tap on the audio link and you would be taken to soundcloud. On soundcloud, you can download the song directly or make use of any Soundcloud video downloader.

Above is how to download Coke Studio songs.

Coke Studio App | Coke Studio Latest Season

Not so many fans of the coke studio may know about the coke studio app but the app was made to enable its fans to have easy access to the show when they are not at home with just internet connection needed. The coke studio app allows it users to navigate the dynamic features of the show and also allows us to stream music on the go. The coke studio app also has a good friendly user interface. Below are some of its features;

  • Access to downloading from the apps gallery
  • Chance of making your own playlist from their variety of songs
  • Getting to know the artist by viewing their profiles
  • Playing songs offline
  • Streaming of live songs and shows and lots more interesting features

Having said these entire one may ask the question of how one can get this coke studio app on their phones. Well that quite also first of all, the app is available for android and IOS users respectively. For android users you just have to download from the Google play store. IOS users can download from the apple app store. Once the download has been made and the app installed on your device, you can have free access to the coke studio app.

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