Clubhouse – The Clubhouse App on iOS and Android

The audio-only hangout app Clubhouse has gained popularity this year. It is an exclusive hangout app packed with the likes of podcasting and networking tools.


This app lets you start a conversation with your friends or strangers with shared hobbies across the world. You can also listen to conversations between celebrities or topic experts.

If you ever wished to get a chance of communicating with a celebrity, then read more on this Clubhouse article to get a chance.


There is no component of video in the app, so this avoids the fatigue people pass through in Zoom. The audio conversation in this app is not recorded and saved for later.

So, discussion and conversation are over a limited time you shouldn’t miss. So, ensure to always get to the event before it ends or you have missed it all.

Clubhouse App

The Clubhouse App is both available on iOS and Android mobile phones but in limited countries. It can be a tricky app without a guide.

Users can download the app for iOS or the app for Android beta. Then it will ask if you have an invite. If not, it will prompt you to provide your name, phone number, and account username.

You will be notified if anyone in your contact is on the waitlist for the app, then you can tell the app to let them in. Note, you won’t be able to see your contact that has the app until you are officially invited.

The Clubhouse App on iOS and Android

Now let’s go to how it works. Once you are invited to the Clubhouse app, you will need to use the tools to find discussions or clubs that you like.

Most of these tools are iOS only for now, but soon they will come to Android once the beta version ends. Users will start by either importing their Twitter information or inserting it properly.

Users can also indicate their interest in specific categories or topics. Or they can join clubs of like-minded folks interested in specific topics.

After you get to follow people in the app, you will start getting feeds or ongoing or upcoming events. You can get to slide into any of the ongoing events of the followed users.

Users can as well create an event, and become a moderator. Then everyone else that enters the room becomes your listener. The moderator of a room or event can make a listener from the audience to a speaker.


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