Choral Arts Philadelphia – How to Join Philadelphia Boys Chore & Chorale

Choral Arts Philadelphia can be defined as a group that makes music. It has about a 40-Voice choirs. Among those 40 comes with an 8-voice professional core and semi-profession and amateur auditioned volunteer singers. The group was founded in 1982 in Philadelphia as a symphonic chorus of about 120+ voices.

Choral Arts Philadelphia

The group is presently directed by Matthew Glandorf, he also serves on the faculty of the Curtis Institute of music. The group has composed a lot of music which is at the market.

Choral Arts Philadelphia

Choral Arts Philadelphia is committed to musical excellence, historically informed performance practices, and promoting the great tradition of choral music. The group presents concert experiences that delight and engage the community as well as contribute to their gratitude for the range.

Philadelphia starts its music in 1982, they actively participate in the region’s musical community by celebrating the talents of the local professional and amateur musicians.

The build is located in the Land Title Building. The address is land title building, 100 S Board St, Philadelphia, PA 19110, United States.

Top Choirs in Philadelphia

The following are some excellent performances of entertainment by Philadelphia’s greatest treasures.

The Philadelphia Chorus

The Philadelphia was founded by Dr. William Reese of Haverford College, in 1951. But presently it is now led by artistic director Raquel Garcia and has been for the last 29 years. It is located in Philadelphia, PA 19102. You can see more on their website.

The Choir performs work on chorus literature from both the past and the present day. It is supported by the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, partners in the Arts, and PECO.

Choral Arts Society

The Choral Arts Society won the prestigious Margaret Hills Award for Choral Excellence from Chorus America and the Philadelphia Margaret’s Best of Philly award during its 20th anniversary season. They have over 100 composers who have composed nearly 300 works since its beginning.

The Group has a long and distinguished profession. It has begun to take the act on the road and explore another choral opportunity outside of Philadelphia. You can check their website.

Philadelphia Boys Chore & Chorale

Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale is America’s preeminent boy choir and men’s chorale.  It is known as “America’s Ambassadors of Song” and ranks among the best boy choirs in the world.

Address at 1336 Spring Garden St. the Philadelphia Boys Choir was created in 1968 and is one of Philadelphia’s greatest assets. The boys that were chosen in the choir are all under the age of 15. The group is known for its unique style that has been emulated by other choirs around the world.

The choir has three groups, the Beginning Cadets, Advanced Cadets, and the Performing Choir, which includes the Men’s Chorale.

Most of their performances are programmed for evenings, weekends, and holidays to lodge the boys’ school schedules. You can see more at

How to Join Philadelphia Boys Chore & Chorale

For you to become the Boys Chore & Chorale, you need to find out how to audition to become a member and wear the signature red blazer.

For more information, please visit hppt:// to schedule an audition. You can still email them at [email protected] to request an audition time.

The Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus

The Men’s Chorus started at the year 1981, and since then it has become a great contributor to Philadelphia ats society and the LGBT community. The group programmed their events in the months of March, June, and December.

They also perform at a variety of community events. The group has been involved in many events, like performing at an awards ceremony honoring actor and gay activist Sir Lan McKellen you can see more on their website.

St. Thomas Gospel Choir

The St. Thomas Gospel Choir is one of the most spirited and talented gospel choirs in the country. They are located in The African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas NO. 6361 Lancaster Ave.

The St. Thomas Gospel Choir has performed at the African American Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Pridefest. You can reach them on their website:

Top Songs of Philadelphia Choir

Hanukkah Cantata: VIII. Maoz Tzu

Spring, op. 20

The Bells, op. 35: I. Allegro man on tanto

The Bells, op. 35: II. Lento

The Bells, op. 35: III. Presto

The Bells, op. 35: IV. Lento LUGUBRE

Four Ladino Folk Songs: I. DERME

Hannukah Cantata: II. Recitative-a Sinful Root

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