ChargePoint is set to Spend Big to Boost Station Reliability

ChargePoint is set to spend big to boost station reliability to ‘nearly 100 percent.’ The electric vehicle charging company is now opening a new Network Operations Center to help quickly respond to issues and also hopes to spot problems and issues just before they arise.

ChargePoint to Boost Station Reliability

ChargePoint to Boost Station Reliability

ChargePoint, a company that bills itself as the “largest and most open” charging network in the world for electric vehicles, is now announcing a series of new initiatives to help improve the reliability of its 245,000-strong network of chargers. “We expect these multimillion dollar investments to deliver network reliability of nearly 100 percent once fully implemented,” the company in a press release writes.

The announcement in question comes as US drivers of electric vehicles continue to have problems finding reliable places to charge their cars when they are away from home. One study from the previous year found that one in five respondents was not able to charge their vehicle after safely arriving at a station, with the majority of users blaming chargers that were malfunctioning or rather out of service.

ChargePoint Network Operations Center

And to help achieve its reliability goal, ChargePoint is reportedly setting up a new Network Operations Center that will get to draw from “several big data feeds” in an attempt to quickly respond to issues with its chargers, and even get to spot problems just before they arise making use of predictive analytics. The company is also making changes to its app in a bid to offer more visibility regarding the status and readiness of charging stations, and then allowing users to provide feedback on issues such as vandalism.

ChargePoint Decommissioning Process

ChargePoint finally is also introducing a new decommissioning process to help incentivize landlords who are no longer interested in the idea of hosting their public chargers to give them up for ChargePoint to repurpose. The hope here is that this move will reduce confusion for drivers who can see a charging station in the real world that is no longer available for use or even listed in the app.

What Other Rival Companies Are Doing

In the earlier parts of this year, rival charging network EVgo reportedly announced a program of its own to help improve the reliability of its network. Its ReNew program in question aims to replace, upgrade, or even retire hundreds of the chargers of the company over the course of the year 2023.



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