Capital One Shopping Portal – How does Capital One Shopping Works

With the Capital one shopping portal you can save money while shopping and this is so easy, and the deals, even easier to find. Capital one helps you manage the challenge of finding deals which is kind of always tough.

Capital One Shopping Portal

Capital one helps you search for test coupon codes or looks for retailers with better prices. This is not all, capital one is also completely free and you do not even have to be a customer to use it.

Capital one is not really a shopping portal, is more of a browser tool that when used, searches for online coupons. And better prices comparing over 30 thousand online retailers.

Capital one helps you save money too, and this is in 3 ways; earning capital one shopping credits. Searching for promo codes and coupons, comparing online retailers in search of the best price for you.

Capital One Shopping Portal | How does Capital One Shopping Works

Here, we will be showing you how the capital one shopping portal works. And how you can also use it to spend less on shopping. See below for more.

Get Started with Capital One

The first thing you need to do sign up to capital one by creating a capital one account. To create a capital one account, you can sign in with Google or Facebook and you can also sign up the traditional way.

Fill in the Personal Information Field

Enter your personal information, information submitted will help capital serve you better by finding better deals for you.

Add the Chrome Extension – Capital One Shopping Portal

Capital one shopping will always make it easier for you, there is an add-on on capital one that can be used with chrome for free. This one makes it better such that when you are shopping online and capital one browses the background for deals, you will also be automatically notified if there is a better deal elsewhere.

Start Shopping

Capital one shopping does not monitor all the retailers but it covers the most important ones. You can just go to capital one shopping and browse for the item you want. Shopping and making purchases with capital one will earn you capital one credits that can later be used to redeem gifts.

Choose a Merchant – Capital One Shopping Portal

Capital one shopping recommends a couple of sites as cheaper, you can choose from them as you merchant, the site will also list other retailers that are cheap.

Watch for the Watchlist

If capital one is unable to get a lower price, there is the watchlist. The watchlist is represented by S+. Click on View Watchlist and your item will be taken to a separate list where the price will be monitored.

Finally, you can click on view watchlist to see the list of all your watchlist items and details about it. That’s not all, the watchlist will give updates on the latest price of your listed items. And you will also get notified when an item on the watchlist goes on sale.


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